Selecting winners with a horse racing handicap system

By | July 4, 2022

I don’t care how you cut it, the way to make money betting on horse racing is by picking a winner. While it’s true that you need to find one that isn’t too high, you don’t make money on losers. The right horse has yet to be found.

There are many things to consider and consider when it comes to finding the right one. Some people prefer just one angle or point game, while others go through a process where each runner is rated and compared to the rest. There is nothing wrong with either method.

What all winners have in common, however, is that they are consistent. What does that really mean? Being consistent means doing something the same way over and over again. It means following steps that lead to a conclusion based on information from the past. For example, if you know the track favors early speed and winners are usually within 2 lengths of the leader at the half mile pole, there is historical information to help you find the winner today.

Information from the past comes in two forms and you must combine them if you want to win. That’s what makes a good horse racing system. It takes each runner’s past performance and compares it to information about all the races they’ve run on that course and at that grade level. In other words, you compare the track model to the horses and see which fit and which suffer.

Then start comparing the runners to assess their relative merits. For example, just knowing that a horse has the right running style to win does not mean that it is in good shape and capable of winning. A horse may be in poor physical condition and unable to win, while a horse with a less than desirable running style that fits the track model may actually win because it is in much better physical condition.

The point is that you need a systematic way to make these comparisons. You must be able to estimate the impact of each factor on the expected performance of the runner. Then you need to value each horse and finally, once you know how much advantage each horse has, you need to know how to convert this into odds based on probability.

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