Scholarships for hotel and restaurant management major

Scholarships for hotel and restaurant management major

There are many scholarships that you can use to finance your studies. The problem is, none of them will come and reach your hand by themselves; you have to look for it. If you’re interested in a college degree majoring in hotel and restaurant management, this article will definitely help you find scholarships to fund your college education. Here are some scholarships specifically for students majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management:

AH & LEF scholarships

The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation (AH & LEF) offers two types of scholarship: Academic Scholarship and Professional Development Scholarship.

The academic scholarship is aimed at students who are completing a degree in the hospitality industry such as restaurant management, travel & tourism or hotel management at colleges and universities accredited in the USA. The application deadline for the scholarship is May 1st, but it is better if you submit your application as early as possible to ensure maximum chances of winning.

If you are planning to thrive in your hotel and restaurant management career, you need to constantly evolve and distance learning is a perfect solution to continue your job during your hotel and restaurant management degree. You don’t have to worry about paying college with your own money, the career development scholarship offered by AH & LEF could take care of that. This scholarship is aimed at hotel employees who wish to expand their knowledge through a distance learning program offered by the Educational Institute of AH&LA. There are 4 application deadlines: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

Roundtable for Women (RFW) in the Food Service grant

Women planning to get involved in the hospitality industry can take advantage of the Roundtable for Women in Food Service Scholarship. This scholarship goes to female students who are aiming for a career in gastronomy, hotel and restaurant management or a related field at a school recognized by the RWF. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have completed at least one semester of college education; and have at least 3.0 GPA.

Oklahoma Restaurant Association Scholarship

For those planning to graduate from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, or Oklahoma State University, Okmulgee with a degree in restaurant management; Don’t miss the chance to apply for this scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and support qualified young men and women to get into the fine dining experience in Oklahoma. If you are interested and qualified for this scholarship, you must submit your application by February 1st.

NSMH scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality. You must enroll in a hospitality management degree and be a member of a minority group to be eligible for this scholarship. The application deadline is December 11th, but if you are qualified for the scholarship it is recommended that you submit your application as early as possible as only 10 scholarships will be awarded. Follow all instructions and include the necessary documents with your application form to have the maximum chances of receiving this scholarship.

In summary

For those interested in getting a degree in hotel and restaurant management but worried about the affordability of their financial aid, there are plenty of scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to assist you. The above 4 types of scholarships are specifically designed for students majoring in Hotel & Restaurant Management. Check your eligibility and if you qualify, submit your application before the deadline.


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