Sales and Marketing Training – The Free Netwriting Masters Course On Writing To Sell Online

Sales and Marketing Training – The Free Netwriting Masters Course On Writing To Sell Online

The sales and marketing training in the free netwriting masters course will help anyone who writes to sell online attract more traffic and increase sales. I took the course when I started my online business and wanted to know how to build a successful website.

Whether it’s sales copy, ads and marketing, or main website and blog content, this free training course, written by online business expert Ken Evoy, provides how-to writing to sell. The course also highlights the differences between offline and online marketing techniques. The readers who will benefit most from the information and training are those who want to start an online business or already have a website or blog and want to learn the formula of writing to sell online.

When I first started writing content for my website, I made the mistake of using my offline selling experience and having all the pages read like a sales pitch. That’s all I knew, and I didn’t know any better. Reading the netwriting master course, I quickly realized that the way to succeed online is to first attract visitors by offering great content and pre-sell your reader within the content on the page. The advance sale is explained as follows:

“Selling is trying to get the sale. Before you sell, pre-sell. While selling may be your first priority, it doesn’t come first. The first task of your website is to satisfy the needs of your visitors and then lead them to your most searched answer. It is only at this point that sales come into play.”

As a direct result of the Netwriting Masters Course, the way I wrote my web pages completely changed. It hasn’t always been easy to pick up and use all of this online marketing training and apply the new techniques. But with persistence and practice, I took the sales and marketing training presented in the course and wrote good content that drew visitors.

As I learned to write good content, I also learned about keywords, what they are, how to weave them into your content, and the importance of not overusing them. Ken Evoy, the author of the course, explains keywords from his own experience and uses easy-to-follow examples of how to strike the right balance between writing to please human visitors and the search engines.

The sales and marketing training then moves on to what online sellers call the most searched answer. This could be a sale, clicking a link, joining your website or newsletter, or any other action you want your visitors to take. This is equivalent to completing the sale offline. And from now on you will see how an Internet sales process is formed: content – presale – call to action.

There are many more online sales and marketing training courses in the 48 page free netwriting master course. So much great content, it’s hard to believe this valuable course is completely free. It’s an eBook you’ll save and use again and again as you develop your online selling skills.

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