Rift Rogue Leveling Guide – Simple Tips To Level Up Your Rift Rogue

By far the most popular of all the classes in Rift is the rogue, and it makes sense to go for that character since leveling up with a Rift rogue is much faster. The reason this class can level up faster is that their attacks are not only very strong, but they also have the ability to heal themselves, making the rogue a formidable fighter. Check out a few Rift forums and you’ll see that a high percentage of top players are rogues.

Any Rift Rogue leveling guide worth its salt will show you the correct soul combos needed, and these are pretty easy with a rogue. Basically, just pick two attacking souls and one non-attacking or defensive soul, and your build is ready to level. A cool rogue build is Marksman for the main soul with ranger as your second and finally the bards, this particular rogue build will last you up to level 50.

When it comes to combat the rogue is perfect for ranged attacks, I love this because you can keep your distance and protect yourself while killing your opponents. Rogue isn’t for you if you like being in the thick of the action, but if you like hit-and-run tactics then this is the class for you. Personally, I love playing Rift this way, keeping your distance and dealing damage from afar while watching the other players rush in and die quickly.

In this Rift Rogue Leveling Guide, I suggest trying the Marksman as your main soul, the Ranger next, and finally the Riftstalker. Your ranger soul is great because it takes a lot of damage with its pet while Riftstaker lets you heal your pet, it’s important to keep your pet healthy. The Sagittarius soul is chosen for attack, some of the medium ranged attacks you get with this soul are great such as: B. Empowered Shot and Frag Shot.

This is just a basic Rift rogue leveling guide, covering only the basics of levels of Telera, but as you can see, the rogue is a pretty easy character to level up with. Next time you play, just look around and you’ll see more high-level villains than any other class. The reason the Rift rogue can level up faster than the others is because the rogue attacks from afar and has excellent self-healing powers.

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