Regular Courses VS Distance Learning MBA

Everyone knows that education plays an important role in our lives. We learn more things to use in our lives through education. But it is only a basic education that teaches us to live decently. But after basic education, we move on to higher education. Some of us want jobs and some are looking for higher education. But good jobs only get those who have higher education degrees like MBA programs. Currently, we can get higher education in two ways – regular mode and distance learning mode. In regular classes we can get a good education, but at this time we can’t do other work, I mean jobs and other professional businesses. So this kind of educational learning is not so good for professionals. In this case, they have to give up their jobs to attend regular classes. And especially in India there will be limited places in regular courses and very high competition in such courses as Executive MBA. While in distance learning mode such distance learning is very popular among the professionals. Because they don’t have to quit their job and can easily get a higher degree like MBA through distance learning.

But this mode lacks interaction between faculty and students. Therefore, this mode is only suitable for astute students and those who are able to study on their own. And they are able to find solutions themselves.

In such cases, we can say that this mode is not so good even for less than average students. But to remove these limitations of distance learning, academic intellectuals sought a new avenue – “online education”. We can say that it has created a new revolution in the field of distance learning. In this mode, you can attend the class like a real regular class at your home and at your flexible time. So we can say for online MBA programs, you can do it with your job and after graduation you can get a college degree and advance in your business fields.

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Thanks to Dinesh Rohila

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