Raising Nubian Goats – 3 Main Benefits You Will Enjoy Keeping Nubian Goats

The Nubian goat is one of the most interesting goats in the world. This breed of goat is native to North Africa and the Middle East. There is also an Anglo-Nubian breed that was first developed in England. Some of the distinctive features of the Nubian goat are large floppy ears and an aquiline nose. If you are looking to raise goats either as pets or as a source of income, this article provides some of the benefits you can enjoy from raising Nubian goats.

Compared to most breeds of dairy goats, this species is quite large. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many professional breeders consider raising Nubian goats. The male Nubian typically stands at 35 inches in height. Meanwhile, the Nubian usually stands at 30 inches tall. Their body is given a slender appearance by their short, shiny, and fine coat, which can be any color.


Because of their size, this breed is also known to be incredibly resilient. For one, they have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures—they can endure very hot and very cold climates. Other breeds of goats are likely to suffer from various diseases when the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius.

More meat and milk

Also due to their size, Nubian goat species offer more meat. Goats are generally known to have leaner meat compared to cows and pigs. Also, with more meat, Nubian goats can also produce more milk. Goat’s milk is very popular because of its creaminess and smoothness. It is used to make cheese and butter. In fact, raising Nubian goats can generate a higher ROI for their meat and milk production alone. Of course, in order to enjoy all of this, you need to watch what your goats are eating and drinking.

larger family

This breed enjoys a longer breeding season, so you’ll likely have more goats in a short amount of time. This means you have a larger supply of meat and milk to rely on, so you can make more money off it when you’re out to make a profit. If you are there for domestication purposes, you will have more pets to play with. Either way you win.

Raising Nubian goats can be a decision that will leave you truly satisfied. It is important that you consider the facts you have learned about the Nubian breed in this article in order to use the proper breeding techniques and breed happy, healthy animals.

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