Radio Frequency Identification – RFID – Advantages

The operation of the RFID tag does not need to make physical contact with the RFID reader to transmit its data, which proves advantageous from the following points of view:

– No wear. Due to the lack of physical contact, there is no wear and tear on the readers or on the tags for reading and writing data.

– No slowdown in operation. Existing operations don’t have to be slowed down to bear the extra effort of physically bringing a reader into contact with a tag. Making such physical contact can sometimes prove impossible. In a scenario where tagged boxes of items are moving at high speed on a conveyor, there is a high probability that a reader will not maintain physical contact with such a moving box, resulting in a missed reading of the tag. Therefore, had RFID been contact, it could not have been used satisfactorily in a large number of business applications.

In addition, the newer RFID technology offers the advantage of automatically reading multiple tags in a short time. If RFID had been contact-based, the number of tags read by a reader would have been limited by the number of tags it could touch at any given time. To increase this number, the physical dimensions of the reader must be increased, resulting in a more expensive and slower reader.

RFID offers several advantages, many of which you can realize to a large extent today with existing products. Other benefits are also reasonably achievable, and improvements in technology are expected to steadily push these benefits to mature levels. Undeniably, however, such a collection of unique RFID benefits is already a potential enabler for a variety of applications.

Some of the benefits have implications for privacy rights violations, which in some situations can raise issues when using RFID. Despite these problems, however, RFID is likely to be the technology of choice in other areas. RFID technology is currently undergoing rapid changes that are expected to produce continually improved products and to bring the true potential of the technology closer to the user.

In summary, RFID immediately offers several advantages just because it is contactless. In addition, this is clearly a current advantage of the technology.

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