Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in an Online College

If you’re aiming for a college education but don’t necessarily want to attend university, an online degree is the best alternative.

So far, only very few courses have been available in this way. Today, however, there are just as many, if not more, distance learning programs and courses than there are in traditional colleges.

It is becoming more common for people to join an online college for the convenience and, in some cases, the financial savings. However, will you just enroll in the first online school you hear about without doing your due diligence?

Before signing up, there are a few things you want to know first.

The main thing is to determine whether the college is accredited or not. Accreditation is what separates the bogus colleges from the legitimate ones. To find out if a college is accredited, just go to Google and search for the “chea” website. They have an extensive database of accredited institutions in North America.

Accredited online colleges have better educators and facilities, and their degrees are widely accepted by employers. Some students try to cut corners by going to an unaccredited college because it’s less expensive than an accredited one. Despite the cost, it’s worth paying more to get an actual degree that you can use in the future.

Studies have shown that accredited online colleges are comparable to regular universities. If you read Thomas L. Russell’s book and website No Significant Difference Phenomenon, you will be faced with a wealth of empirical evidence suggesting that online and traditional colleges perform at similar levels of achievement in terms of educational quality, success rates, and dropout rates.

You may be able to complete a basic computer or accounting course online without accreditation, but if you want to pursue a degree then accreditation must absolutely not be compromised.

The next issue to consider is whether or not your past college credits carry over to your future online college. The best scenario is entering a university that accepts all the hard work you have previously put in. This way you can complete your studies much faster.

Chances are your current online school insists that you repeat these courses with them even though your previous credits have been accredited. Just remember that every school has different rules. You can give yourself the highest probability of having your college credits accepted only by attending accredited colleges.

Also, keep in mind that it is not just a question of whether your credits can be transferred, but also how many credits can be transferred.

There are schools that allow you to transfer all of your credits, while others have a limit on how many you can transfer. It can be a pain dropping loans that you have invested your time, energy and money in. However, it may be worth it if you feel that the particular school you are interested in offers the quality degree program you need.

Something that is often overlooked when looking at online colleges is what types of student services are available.

Many online schools offer a Career Service Center just like any other university. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with an advisor and see what courses are best for you and what your options are on the job market after graduation. You want to find out if your intended online school has this facility.

Not finishing is the all-important question of money.

Most accredited online colleges are similar in price to regular universities. You need to check with your prospective online school what kind of financial aid they offer. Not all online schools offer the same number of financial aid opportunities. This could very well be the deciding factor in getting into one online college or another.

Also note that if a college is accredited, you are eligible for federal financial aid. In fact, a surefire way to determine accreditation is to check whether federal financial aid is available for students at that school or if it isn’t, the school isn’t accredited.

Getting into the online college world can be exciting, but it’s important that you ask the tough questions before you throw away your hard-earned cash.

There are many online universities out there so take your time, do your research and seek advice if needed.

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