Public Relations for Online Educational Systems

Traditional PR and community goodwill efforts for online education support are somewhat difficult as the online education system helps those participating in the virtual world as opposed to an educational institution. This fact should not deter a PR specialist working on online education programs or systems because they need to contact the people who are not online and may want to consider online education systems as another option.

Many people are unable to attend classes due to transportation issues or human mobility issues. Many people are stay-at-home parents who are also unable to attend classes but need to earn an online degree or participate in an online education system to gain the skills they need to make a living.

In what ways can you promote an online education system? The best way is of course word of mouth. However, it is not always easy to reach the people who are at home all day and sometimes it makes sense to use public service radio announcements or a little radio advertising. In other cases, direct mail can work.

The best is a front-page article in the newspaper about the success story of someone who has used the online education system to get an advanced degree or a good job. It is these types of public relations and promotional programs that make online education systems more interesting. Maybe you’ll consider some of this in 2006.

Thanks to Lance Winslow

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