Protect valuable student gear with Mobile Edge

Protect valuable student gear with Mobile Edge

Mobile Edge protective cases offer excellent organization and optimal portability.

As many schools across the United States adopted some form of distance learning this year, students are using laptops and other valuable technology more than ever. As a result, millions of additional sensitive electronic devices need to be protected. Mobile Edge offers the industry’s leading range of stylish, functional student cases and backpacks. Each offers superior organization, excellent protection and optimal mobility.

“Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost from damage to student laptops and other devices, and that’s not counting downtime or the loss of valuable data,” said VP of Marketing for Mobile Edge. “In most cases, it is the parent’s responsibility to insure or replace these devices, but with a protective case from Mobile Edge, parents can give themselves and their children more peace of mind that their valuable electronics are well protected.”

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, approximately 28 percent more mobile laptops and other devices were distributed to K-12 graders in the first half of 2020. Protecting student laptops and other gear has never been more important. A protective case like the one from Mobile Edge not only offers protection, but also a safe place to store devices, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Build your student “Go-Bag”

Mobile Edge invites you to create your ultimate student “go bag,” ready to go anytime, anywhere, with all your gear safely in tow.

Suitcases & bags for students

Every student school bag starts with a quality backpack, suitcase or shoulder bag designed to organize and protect all that valuable (and valuable) gear:

That SmartPack backpack is a no-nonsense backpack. Ergonomically designed and super light, it’s the smart choice for students. Available in eight colors.

That Express laptop backpack 2.0 is ideal for storing and protecting laptops up to 16 inches and other devices comfortably and ergonomically. Available in seven color options.

Mobile Edge Express Case 2.0 briefcase lets your student travel fast and light, carrying laptop essentials without the added bulk. It is perfect for Chromebooks and is available in four sizes for laptops up to 17 inches.

Mobile Edge is made from all-natural cotton canvas ECO laptop messenger is popular with busy students, especially commuters. It is available in black, navy blue, anthracite and olive.

Our Slipsuit sleeves are made of water-repellent EVA material with reinforced corners. They can be carried like a briefcase or slipped into a larger protective sleeve and come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit PC laptops and Apple MacBooks.

Essential accessories

No student bag is complete without essential productivity accessories that will keep students connected and powered, wherever they learn or study:

For QI-enabled smartphones, the Mobile Edge mouse pad with wireless charging is a versatile 2-in-1 product that reduces desk clutter by simultaneously serving as an ultra-slim mouse pad and wireless charger.

With Xpods True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds, students can stay connected wherever they work or study. These earphones combine a sleek, modern design, custom-tuned drivers and the latest Bluetooth technology to deliver powerful and clear sound without the hassle of wires.

For students who need power on the go, the slim, portable 10,000mAh 18W PD+QC high capacity fast charging power bank is perfect for charging smartphones and other mobile devices; and our Core Power AC USB 27,000 mAh portable laptop charger with its universal AC outlet is ideal for power-hungry laptops and gaming consoles.

That USB wall charger Turbo 6 turns a power outlet into a 6-port USB charging station. With 50 watts of power, it can charge up to six devices simultaneously at lightning speed.

That All-in-One USB-C Adapter Hub turns a single USB-C port into a powerful workstation. It securely connects most devices and/or peripherals to a laptop or tablet via a durable USB-C cable and also offers 4K HDMI video output, an SD/Micro SD card reader and high-speed 2 USB -Connectors for 5GB data transfer.

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