Pros And Cons When Returning To College At 40

Congratulations! Going back to school is difficult overall. Combine this with the everyday life of students who have kids and jobs and you have full chaos on your hands. The pros outweigh the cons once you hit 40 and return to school. I want to list the pros first because I think they prove to be motivating factors when you think about going back to school at 40.

Benefits of going back to school at 40

1. Completing your studies can help you professionally.

2. Even if you are 40 years old and viewed as obsolete by your younger future classmates, you are bringing something to the academic arena that they cannot. WORK EXPERIENCE! Your experiences will help tremendously, especially if you want to study business administration.

3. At 40 you prove yourself wise. You will find that you have patience and a greater willingness to learn. You will find that you are more eager to complete the homework and ask for help from the teachers when needed.

4. If you have a family and a job, you already have time management skills that will be tremendously helpful during college.

5. You will find that taking the initiative to please your family while making your family’s life better can be a motivating factor. When others give up, you know that failure is not an option.

6. You won’t have the difficulty of maintaining a social life through college. You already have family and friends. You can fully concentrate on the academic tasks ahead of you.

7. You will be able to identify with your teachers as you are most likely the same age or older.

8. Your confidence will soar to the mountain tops and why shouldn’t it? After graduating from college, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you achieved this tremendous achievement while raising children and managing your personal life.

9. You show everyone around you that you’re a “daredevil.”

10. You will be an amazing model for your kids and family.

Disadvantages of going back to school at 40:

1. You will feel strange at first because let’s face facts here; You’re older than most in your class, especially if you’re taking day classes at your college.

2. You have to juggle your college classes with your already busy life.

3. Your boss at your current job may not support your study plan. When this happens, you might find yourself changing jobs that prove supportive, or exiting the job market altogether, at least until you graduate from school. This could well result in financial hardship for your family.

4. You will find that your energy levels are not what they used to be when you were younger. Younger students don’t have kids to take care of, no house to clean, no job to work, and they don’t have the daily chores that you have. I would recommend energy drinks while increasing your daily exercise; Of course, you need to find time during the day to work out in a gym or go for more walks.

5. If you have children and are a single parent, you must take care of your children during school hours.

6. You may need to complete an internship for your degree program before you graduate. This can be a nightmare, especially if you’re already working. Imagine having to do your regular job to support your family plus an unpaid internship. If you already have a job the college may be able to forgo the internship as let’s be honest. You already have 40 years of professional experience. Be sure to ask your study advisor about this.

7. If you are a parent, you will miss things with your children. Most students over the age of 40 have to go to school at night. This eliminates meaningful time with your kids at night and before bed.

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons of going back to school in your 40s. The best advice I can give anyone attempting this monumental feat is to never give up. It becomes quite desirable to give up when you are tired from your long day at work, dealing with your children and knowing that you have to sit 3 hours a night in class.

You have to focus on the future. What is a year or so of your sacrifice life when you will benefit immensely from your sacrifice with a better financial future? Stay tuned and keep striving towards your goals. You will find that by the age of 40 you appreciate the sacrifices and opportunities that come your way more than your younger classmates. You will eventually look back on this ordeal as a major milestone not only in your own life but in that of your family as well. Your family depends on you and you cannot abandon them. Keep it up and good luck!

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