Pros and Cons of Online Schooling

Ten years ago the term online training might not have been very appealing; just like the iron horses at the beginning of the 19th century or an airplane at the beginning of the 20th century. The Internet was underdeveloped in 1996 compared to what we have today. And the conventional of today may not be accepted by the general population in 1996.

But we are no longer living in 1996. We are now in a time where anything is possible and acceptable. Just like studying outside of school, in front of your computer and in the comfort of your own home. This is called online training.

The thought of online training can make some uneasy. This is quite understandable as this is not the usual way of learning like those who are trying the plane as a travel option for the first time. However, with the growing reputation of online schools, the way students learn is changing in “unconventional ways”.

If you’re one of the students considering this relatively new form of learning, here’s what you should know – the pros and cons of online classes:


  • No wasted time traveling

    Whether you live in the most remote city in the United States (assuming you have an internet connection) or at the top of the tallest building in your city, you can always be on time to learn your lessons. Online training eliminates the time you need to prepare to get dressed for school. It also eliminates the time you have to spend sitting in a taxi or waiting for the green light. With online teaching, your home and your classroom are the same.

  • Can take care of household needs at any time

    Online training works best for people who need to do important things around the house. For example: you have a baby to take care of or you have several things that need to be done around the house. If you used to have to find ways to fit all the items on your “to-do list” for a whole day, online training now gives you more time for other things because you no longer have to spend time preparing for school .

  • No more classmates in mind

    When you receive online training, the classroom is all yours. You don’t have to fight for your seat, you don’t have to get along with a group, and you don’t have to be nice or rude to others.

  • Disadvantages

  • Online School Literacy

    There are many online schools to choose from. The question is: would you be able to find a job after spending all your time and money on your chosen online school? One piece of advice is this: research the competency of several online schools and consider the recognition they can give you as you enter the workforce.

  • personal competence

    Can you study alone or do you need a board and a talking professor to pick up the lesson? There are some students who study better on their own. There are some that aren’t. If you feel you can learn without the need for actual classroom discussion, you may consider online training.

  • environmental cooperation

    Is your home fit for studying? With all the destruction you can bring into your home, can you focus? Many houses are not suitable to become a school. It may be because there are children around, the neighborhood dogs are barking all the time, or your home is just not conducive to learning.

  • All of this says only one thing: homeschooling isn’t for everyone. Do more research and consideration before starting the home schooling program. If you think you’re fit and can benefit more from homeschooling, then it’s up to you.

    Thanks to Khieng Chho

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