President Obama’s State of the Union: What Industries and Education Can Boost Your Career in 2011?

Jobs and the economy were the focus of President Obama’s State of the Union address. The potential federal job market is expanding and it is important to learn the steps to finding a federal career.

Many of President Obama’s ideas will mean no new jobs in the next five years. However, these jobs will likely be the wave of the future. So to prepare for this wave, think about what you’ll be doing today to prepare for the jobs available, especially if you’re thinking about your college major or preparing for a career change.

Technical training and further education in mathematics, natural sciences, language and computer science is becoming increasingly important. When attending a college, it is important to consider what jobs are available for graduates with that particular degree. In today’s innovative job market, there are many growing hot job industries and fields to keep in mind when looking for a job or college major such as:

  • Clean energy
  • High speed internet
  • high speed train
  • exports
  • house building
  • Biomedical Research
  • Research and Development
  • Renewable energy
  • electric cars
  • mechanical engineering
  • information technology
  • Global business

If you are creative in your business or profession, it will be important for your future career. Keep track of your creative ideas. This is also a keyword to use on your resume.

If you are currently a college student, make sure you take advantage of internships and other special programs. For example, if you’re just getting into your engineering degree, make sure you get a project involving an electric vehicle; this could help snag a position in the future automotive industry. Write about it on your resume to demonstrate your past accomplishments.

The government will always hire. Government positions require specific experience depending on the position you are seeking. You can read about federal jobs at You can find jobs by college major, job title, geographic location, and agency name. Apprenticeships are available if you have the right education and certifications. Also, some school systems provide salary incentives for teachers with top-performing students.

After this speech, education will be crucial to succeed in all these industries. Government agencies sometimes offer tuition reimbursement for students and parents who have student loans. Ask for it when you get a job offer.

As job seekers upskill to support these new industries, new education and training will be critical to career success. Jobs in curriculum design and planning, instructor-led programs, eLearning, distance learning, and train-the-trainers will also increase to prepare people in all of these new industries.

Although the government will freeze federal salaries for the next two years, the government will hire more workers to support grants and programs for all of the ideas presented in this speech. Salaries will be frozen, but career ladder positions in government will continue to be promoted. Government jobs are still the best in the country with excellent benefits and programs. Promotions to new grades based on merit are still available to employees.

Engineers, international experts, contract specialists, IT specialists, administrative, accounting and many other professionals are needed to support the enormous growth. Additionally, the government is keen to hire new graduates to grow in these new industries.

President Obama’s speech contained many new job and industry ideas. Most of the proposed jobs require special education and training. Be aware of the industries, laws and programs that support these programs and FOLLOW THE JOBS. In the meantime, look for courses and college majors that can support the new industries. Being successful in these new industries requires a career strategy. Start planning now, listen to additional speeches from President Obama to see more activity and movement on these new jobs and training ideas.

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