Popularity of Open Source Learning Management Platforms and Moodle

E-learning professionals are constantly looking for online learning management solutions that will allow them to deliver courses in less time and, of course, cost-effectively. Moodle is one of the leading open source learning management solution platforms, used by millions of educational institutions and businesses for course delivery, assessments, etc.

Now, before we start discussing the benefits of using Moodle, let’s take some time to understand what an open source platform is.

Open source learning management systems are free to use. You don’t have to spend an extra penny buying, installing or downloading any software or hardware to use Moodle. Anyone can copy, edit, or share open source code without paying subscriptions or monthly fees. However, there are some standards set by open source software providers like Moodle that every user must follow when using the learning platform.

All about Moodle

Although there are many open source learning management systems available today, our primary focus will be on Moodle due to its wide popularity and global presence. A large number of educational organizations as well as businesses use the Moodle platform to provide their students and staff with an enhanced learning environment.

Moodle (full form – modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment) is an extremely flexible system that has attracted a long list of organizations for creating and delivering online education.

Benefits of using Moodle registries

Most organizations want an easy and quick registration process to eliminate the tedious manual registration process. Moodle provides just that by allowing you to create instant online enrollment into classes and courses.

Payment Methods

Moodle is great for collecting payments for a course at a given point in time. However, if you want to collect multiple course payments, you can enlist the help of an online payment management solution. There are many class or training management software solution providers in the market that offer online payment solutions that allow users to easily accept online payments.

Marketing Courses

Moodle makes it easy to market your courses by being able to customize each course page. There are numerous course topics available to help you choose the best template to increase your company’s brand equity.

Easy to use and navigate

Students or trainees actually want a system that is easy to use and navigate. The learning management platform is great, especially for kids and the elderly who are less internet savvy than the college goers.

interaction with others

Moodle provides an excellent platform to connect, interact and share course materials with fellow students and trainees. You can use forums, wikis, and glossaries to connect with others.

maintaining privacy or confidentiality

Educators and trainers can use Groups and Permissions to protect sensitive documents and learning materials from others’ access. For example, companies can prevent clients from seeing another client’s course titles on the same site using Moodle “Groups and Permissions”.

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