Online Video Game Rentals – How to find and choose the best game rental site

Online Video Game Rentals – How to find and choose the best game rental site

Online video game rentals have become very popular in recent years. Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds if not thousands of websites now offering game rental services online. But how do you find and choose a game rental site to join? What should you consider when choosing?

There are quite a few things to look out for if you want to get the best deal and avoid problems in the future. Below is a short list of some things to consider when choosing a service to use online or sign up for.

1. Free Trials – Try before you buy

It is common these days for video game rental services to offer a free trial period. This period can vary from site to site, but they should offer at least one so you can try and test their service before you can join permanently. Some services are dropping, but some are excellent and the only way to find out is to try the service before committing.

2. What platforms are available?

If you have a Sony Playstation, you definitely want to join a site that offers tons of PlayStation games. You will find that there are some specialized sites that you can join that only offer games for a single platform. But most rental sites carry games for Nintendo, Gamecube, Microsoft X-Box, Nintendo Wii, PSP, and so on.

3. How big is your collection or library

The bigger the better. You need access to as many games as possible. All services include both new and old games, giving you a wide range to choose from. The competition between online video game rental services is intense, so many sites take customer service seriously and want to keep as many customers as possible. If they don’t have most of the games you want, chances are they have a small collection of games. It’s time to look for another service with more games.

4. Pricing and Pricing Structure

Many online video game rental services now charge a single monthly game rental fee. You might want to find out if this means unlimited game rentals or a limited number of games per month. Some services still charge per game, so you still need to consider your options based on how often you want to rent and how many games you’re taking out each time. The website will usually provide this type of information if you check their FAQ.

5. Other Things You Can Rent – Get three in one.

Unless you’re just thinking about video game rentals, you should also inquire if the service includes movie and music rentals as well. This can come in very handy when you are looking for a one-stop service king. You can get games, movies, and music from the same company, with the same account, and for a single price.

6. Terms of Use

Read the company’s terms of service to find out what you can and can’t do with the games you rent. You should also find out what happens if you lose or damage a loaned game. Read them carefully to avoid future problems.

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