Online Marketing and eLearning Presence Can Be Optimized With the Best Online Link Checking Service

Why is linking important?

Anyone who has a website, be it for personal use or for marketing and e-learning, you know how important it is to link to search engines and other websites. Linking is one of the ways to optimize your search engine potential and attract traffic to your website, which in turn brings you prospects and profit.

To be successful on the web, you need to link. They need to link to certain search engines and other websites to actually get noticed on the web.

How do you check your link status?

So how can you check your link status? And how can you increase your linking number to get the best rating online?

It’s easy: click

With Who Links To Me you can find out your Alexa rating and see the different links that can help you with your marketing strategy. Do you have 2000 links or only 20? Who is linking to you? Who do you want to link to? Find out with

Good reasons to link

Want a reason to use Who Links To Me? How about four good reasons:

  • With Who Links To Me, you can identify the websites that link to you and see where your audience is located. This can help your online presence and also bring more visitors to your website which in turn can bring you more profits
  • Who Links To Me can also help with competitive analysis. You can enter any name, including your competitor’s names, and view the various links. Some of these links can be very helpful for your own business.
  • Who Links To Me also offers many other free facts about your reputation and Alexa ratings. All of these can benefit your business tremendously in advertising and other outlets.
  • Best of all, Who Links To Me is free. You just have to register and that’s it. You have access to everything you need to know about linking your past, present and future at your fingertips.

So get out there and start linking today.

Thanks to Lorna Shanks

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