Offline Businesses – The most effective online marketing uses direct marketing strategies

Direct marketing in the offline world has taken on huge proportions and evolved into a very professional industry where the biggest players are immensely successful. And the same direct marketing strategies and techniques are the hallmark of the most successful internet marketing companies, etc. In fact, every direct marketing professional should consider internet marketing as a career, or at least as a side hustle for additional sources of income.

Direct mail in the offline business world is becoming an online email blaster – and with more and more email programs now being HTML-enabled, they can be just as shiny and boldly designed as their offline counterparts. And just like direct marketers buy targeted leads or use location-based mail drops, internet marketers rent email lists, buy single ads, and buy leads.

Direct marketing techniques also include classified ads and TV infomercials – there are a number of classified ad sites online, some international and many based on specific local people. And video sharing sites are perfect for displaying TV-style commercials, infomercials, product demonstrations, etc.

And the “gold lists” or the big direct mail houses, those lists of targeted leads who buy from them regularly, are no different than the customer lists on the internet. Just as direct marketers have a pre-packaged series of emails and offers that are regularly sent out to their past customers, online marketers also use pre-packaged autoresponder series to follow up with each buyer.

If you own and/or operate an offline direct marketing business, learn all about the strategies, tools and techniques used by successful Internet Marketing professionals and use this knowledge to greatly increase your profits. While some online regulations, like anti-spam laws, make some parts a little harder to comply with, the low cost of email blasts, no lead time to print, and free video hosting of the video makes it more so than made up sharing sites offer. Start by getting all the commercials and infomercials in your current library online on sites like YouTube, Viddler, and Daily Motion, and you’re on your way.

And if you currently work in the direct marketing industry and have no equity in the business that employs you, consider starting a part-time online marketing job and growing it into your own full-time internet marketing or affiliate marketing business . You have the skills, so start exploring this low startup cost online industry for your own future today!

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