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By | July 1, 2022

The value of life is invoked when it happens to face an unforeseen event. Natural disasters, work accidents, domestic incidents, traffic accidents, and other such traumas occur from time to time. Besides the consequences of a disaster, the essential contributing factors are human behavior and mistakes such as complacency, ignorance, unwillingness, etc., even precautionary and security measures are planned after many lessons. Considering the above facts, there are certain professional courses that conceptualize the situation and provide proper security awareness.
NEBOSH is one of the leading organizations when it comes to creating sufficient awareness of occupational safety and health hazards and their safe working methods in various course categories. They have awareness, award, certificate and diploma courses for the benefit of workers and employers of an organization. Each course is tailored to the needs of professionals according to the difficulty and nature of the work. NEBOSH is a leading exam organization with high integrity and standards in their exams, which are offered in different languages ​​worldwide. Recent development in Middle East, Europe and Asia countries earned NEBOSH the 2014 Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade. NEBOSH has been recognized in Asian countries by its active course providers since 2010.
NIST is one of the largest organizations in India actively offering NEBOSH courses since 2009. They have issued more than 22000 certificates for various NEBOSH courses, mainly for NEBOSH IGC with more than 7000 students. NIST has conducted its 300th batch in face-to-face training at NEBOSH IGC with an average of 22 students in each batch. NIST has adapted to the rapid growth of NEBOSH in terms of policies, protocols, and working in alignment with NEBOSH requirements. NIST has a high level of expertise in trainers who are appropriately qualified, experienced and NEBOSH accredited. The central front-end trainer team helps to carry out the training with good scores of 50% to 77% for IGC. NIST is also proud to declare that it is the most preferred organization for large MNCs in India to nominate their staff for various NEBOSH courses. To date, NIST has mentored more than 120 companies for NEBOSH and other HSE courses.
In December 2015, NIST reached around 520 professionals for the NEBOSH International Diploma, which is one of the benchmark course providers in India. On average, 100 to 120 individuals choose to register the NEBOSH International Diploma with NIST each year. Upon successful completion of all 4 units, there is a unique opportunity to graduate from Warwick University in the UK. NIST also offers blended learning methods to simplify learning methods. Individual counseling is also provided for students who require specific one-on-one clarification.
NIST is also looking at NEBOSH HSW, an honors-level qualification for entry-level professionals. There is a good response from young people who want to pursue a career in security. In the short span of 3 months, NIST conducted training for approximately 60 students. These courses are also supported by other international equivalent courses that provide a strong foundation in safety. Organizations like IOSH, CIEH should also be mentioned here as their grounding is made easier for students. NIST also celebrated its 300th IOSH-MS stack in Chennai. NIST has issued more than 200 IOSH-MS certificates to Voltas in a short period of time with excellent feedback. Basic safety courses such as risk assessment and fire safety are heavily delivered by the oldest organization in the UK, the CIEH. NIST also beautified its cap with the celebration of the 200th batch of risk assessments last November.
NIST also provided matchmaking services to students completing NEBOSH IGC and other courses. NIST alumni work for various reputable organizations around the world, whose testimonials have played a critical role in our business credentials. Most NIST alumni have since served as our brand ambassadors after witnessing a high standard of training services. With its professionalism, NIST plays an important role in providing career opportunities, enhancing compensation and developing designations.
We invite engineers, young aspirants who want to get started in safety or want to advance their careers to complete the occupational safety and health courses offered by NIST in order to land the dream job.
NIST continues to focus on quality and sustainability in security with innovative approaches to individual, organizational and national growth. Safety is our passion, which is why we have formulated our motto “We contribute to safety”. We train you and help you to make people and workplaces safer. We also want you to contribute the most essential and important safety training and solutions for an accident-free industrial world. NIST has grown to become the leading and largest provider of NEBOSH and other security courses in India. As much as we value safety, our people and teamwork are our most valuable assets.
With our enduring commitment and quest to serve the nation, we will continue our relentless dedication to occupational safety and health services.

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