Motorcycle Club Etiquette 101 – "Freeloading at MC Annuals"

Motorcycle Club Etiquette 101 – "Freeloading at MC Annuals"

So you want to start a motorcycle club series

Motorcycle Club Etiquette 101 “Freeloading at MC Annuals”

It happens all too often among MCs and goes against all MC etiquette. I call it the “Annual Freeloader Syndrome” and I challenge club presidents to stem this rising tide as you see it among your members…

Some simple background information:

In the old days when clubs practiced discipline (not like today), there was a simple protocol that MCs followed. “You come to our annual celebration and support our club and we will come to yours and support your club!” It couldn’t be easier, right? And all sorts of traditions were developed to encourage that participation, such as trophy censuses, where the host club gave away trophies to participating clubs for things like: most members present, riders with the longest distance, club with the longest distance , most-visited woman club, most-visited social clubs, etc. – you get the point. The intention was to attract as many MCs as possible so that a club could make money and the trophies were symbols of honor that clubs could use to show that they supported other MCs by winning these trophies. Since an annual is one of the biggest booster events for an MC, it’s vital that the annual is a success. An annual is held once a year (usually on the anniversary of a club’s charter) to raise money for the MC to continue running that year, and most MCs invest heavily in their annuals. They provide food, hire DJs, rent out party halls, rent out rooms at larger MCs, some bring entertainment, offer camping facilities and the list goes on and on.

Enter the annual free rider:

It sucks when the annual free rider shows up and commits the ultimate sin. The annual free riders usually pull their bike up somewhere before or near the event and just sit outside on their bike and don’t buy a ticket! Booooo! And you see these freeloaders sitting outside the party all the time, hacking it up with everyone, patting people on the back, hugging and hugging all the “fams” they know… Heck, they even become the life of the only thing outside the party, YOU NEVER MAKE IT INSIDE THE PARTY and buy a TICKET !!!!! Unfortunately, you usually see these freeloading jerks by the dozens camping out in front of MC annuals and screwing with everyone who comes by. After having fun and partying with everyone they know on set, they round up a bunch of people who spent money at the annual event and take them to another MC or biker bar to hang out for the rest of the year to buy drinks night! You can hear the free riders saying, “Hey, this party is boring, let’s all go to XXXX Square and party with them. And off they go with people who bought and supported the host club’s yearbook. I get angry when I see these free riders without wristbands sitting in front of the annual event. I always ask them, “Why the hell do you show your butt to someone and park it on your bike without buying a bracelet and supporting your clubmate?” And MC Presidents, you should be asking that exact question when you see that Your club members violate MC etiquette.

Here’s how to fix this troubling trend:

Presidents! Do not allow your members to download MC yearbooks for free. The yearbook is important to an MC’s lifeblood. It’s the oldest tradition among MCs and when forming or leading an MC you should respect the traditions and norms that have made MCs successful over time.

You should:

1. Educate your members about the importance of supporting other MCs

2. Tell your members that if they’re broke and can’t afford the price of admission, don’t go to the Annual! The yearbook is designed to make money for the host club, not to provide a personal parade for your club member who wants to sneak around the crime scene and say hello to everyone.

3. Make sure all your members buy a ticket and get a wristband as soon as they come to the event. Some clubs simply take all of their members’ money and present it to the President when they get there. It’s the coolest way to do it with the greatest impact.

4. Instruct your members to tell their freeloading friends from other clubs and independent drivers they know to buy a ticket if they see them hanging around outside without a wristband.

If you are the host club: You should:

1. Consider holding your event within a fenced area and require people to enter the fenced area so that even if they loaf around outside of the event, they still paid to be there.

2. Consider patrolling parking lots and directing loitering free riders to buy a ticket or exit your event.

3. Consider having your DJs make announcements during your event to tell the presidents not to allow their members to roam outside without paying.

Think of people, love and respect each other and try to do the right things. Freeloading at other MCs parties is completely inappropriate and contradicts all MC etiquette. This is my opinion. National President of Black Dragon Black Sabbath MC

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