Learn the skills to make money online

=> Identify the skill

Whether it’s medical transcription or graphic design, copywriting or web design, the most important first step is to identify the skills you want to learn.

This seems self-evident, but it is actually an absolutely crucial point. Most people trying to make a living from home tend to jump from skill to skill, learning a little about everything but mastering nothing.

You are looking for something that appears simple. The truth is that there is a learning curve for almost every skill you want to learn. The most important first step is to choose a skill and commit to learning it.

=> Find forums and books

Identify the best forums and books in your industry. In general, each group or community has its top recommended books. Buy all of these books and start studying your skills in depth.

Also, start reading the forums. First of all, do not participate. Just read. See what problems others are facing and what solutions they are finding.

Sort the forum by the threads with the most replies. These are usually the most helpful threads. Read through this post by post.

=> Learning by doing

Instead of learning something theoretically, you absorb the material much better when you actually apply what you have learned.

For example, if you’re learning graphic design, you can recreate some of the examples instead of reading a whole design book cover to cover.

In fact, many of the best books have exercises, homework, and challenges that accompany them. Complete all these tasks and learn actively rather than passively.

=> Create a study plan for yourself

Create a study schedule for yourself that consists of at least 2 hours a day and 5 days a week of work or study. Ideally you should put in 4 hours a day, but that may not be realistic for most people.

Set yourself some goals. For example, if you are studying graphic design, you might set yourself the following goals:

Week 1: Understand all the tools on the Photoshop toolbar.

Week 2: Photo correction of three family photos, including color adjustments and wrinkle removal.

Week 3: Create three different types of special effects.

Week 4: Make an impressive movie poster for an imaginary film.

A study plan will help motivate and guide you. It will help you study purposefully, not aimlessly.

If you follow these tips, you’ll go from beginner to intermediate-intermediate very quickly. You will know enough about the ability to start getting paid moderate amounts of money. From there, you can develop expert-level skills while getting paid. Learning a marketable skill isn’t difficult – with a little ingenuity and discipline, you can master it in as little as 30 days!

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For your great success in your online business journey.

Bob @ LurnProfit

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