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Many students have to learn to speed read because they have poor reading or study habits. Most of the time, when we are learning how to read fast or when we are learning to read, we feel pressured by someone or something. Many students give examples such as problems at home, with the teacher/other students or difficulties with exams. This can lead to bad associations with reading (fast reading), which may explain why some people don’t read for pleasure, only when they have to.

Accordingly, if you’re looking for “speed reading,” you need to look for techniques to relax your mind before you begin. This learning ability can be extended to exams and any problem learning areas you have. In most cases, the “problem” lies in how you approach it. There are probably quite a few solutions, but they’re hard to spot when you’re self-sabotaging by clinging to your old ways.

The first learning skill students should develop before speed reading is the ability to relax their mind. A very simple method is to take 10 deep breaths. When you do this, focus your attention solely on the area at the base of your nose. This is also a very skill for general study.

The next step can be taken when you are comfortable with your reading comprehension. Now you can tell someone the gist of an article after you’ve finished reading it. Start measuring yourself reading an A4 page quickly. How much time did it take? Measuring your progress with a stopwatch is an essential learning benefit if you want to increase your efficiency. Try moving your eyes faster. Try not to say anything in your mind, look for important words that can summarize the main message for you.

Search for the keywords in the previous paragraph. Did you get the main message? Do you read “fast”? Move your eyes faster as if you were reading to see colors highlighting keywords/phrases!

Typical students verbalize the text in their heads while studying a script. This is undoubtedly an ordinary process and can help us understand the basic elements of the text. However, to maximize your speed reading technique, reading without verbalization in your head is an excellent reading skill. Just let your eyes glide over the words without verbalizing in your mind. If you’re having trouble, move your eyes fast enough to register the words, but don’t say them in your mind. Do this with 2 sentences first and then check if you got the main message. It can be helpful to position yourself an additional 20 cm away from the computer or text.

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