Learn Karate – Benefits of Karate Kata (Form)

Learn Karate – Benefits of Karate Kata (Form)

Kata (form) is a set sequence of karate moves ranging from a few really basic karate moves to hundreds of really advanced techniques. These techniques are strung together in a predetermined order that, in some cases, has not changed for hundreds of years.

These forms start with the white belt kata which has very simple block and punch combinations, through the karate belt system to the karate kata which have jumps, spins, kicks, punches, throws, sweeps etc.

Many people misunderstand kata. There are many benefits associated with kata training and learning the correct karate moves in the correct order is the easy part.

Aside from the obvious fitness benefits associated with practicing forms, there are many deeper benefits.

When performing a karate form quickly, imagine that you are really fighting, each quick punch should be performed as if your life depends on it, and it should be the same with each quick block.

They should be practiced with correct timing, breathing, spacing, and kime (focus).

From the first Rei (arc) to the last Rei you are in a battle and the battle is only as strong as your imagination and spirit!

In the younger karateka, fighting in form is everything, in later years fighting gives way to health and karate-kata take on a whole new meaning. But that’s another article.

During the first karate lesson, the basic movements are practiced first, and shortly afterwards the first form is taught.

When a new karateka first starts learning karate kata it is very confusing, the sensei will say “Imagine you are fighting someone”. When no one is around, this can seem a bit confusing. Imagination is required when practicing kata, imagine being attacked and imagine hitting an attacker, this type of training guarantees a strong karate kata.

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