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Business Studies is currently one of the fastest growing higher education courses in the UK. Although the reasons for this may seem simple i.e. the changing financial climate and growing negativity towards working for faceless multinationals and corporations, it can also be attributed to the increasing accessibility of business courses, for example via distance learning courses. However, it is not always clear which professions are suitable for business administration graduates. So what are the perfect jobs for the thousands of business graduates?

One seemingly ever-growing sector of business jobs is marketing. The role of a Marketing Executive today is typically fast-paced and changeable, as well as incredibly diverse and varied. Although these types of jobs appear to be typically associated with retail and media, public sector organizations also typically have a marketing department and marketing agencies themselves deal with a wide range of clients, from charities to banks .

Likewise, many graduates of business administration switch to the advertising industry. Advertising Account Executives are the ones who communicate between the company and the advertising agencies. Roles can be administrative and involve some level of organization while overseeing staff work and the progress of each campaign. Overseeing budgets and securing deals are also priority aspects of this role.

Many business administration graduates are specifically interested in retail. The retail clerk’s role is fairly simple, being responsible for ensuring certain products are in the right stores at the right time. Again, this is a varied job due to the diversity of the retail sector and the businesses within it. Assortments have to be planned, which includes working with sellers, manufacturers and distributors. Of course, once the products are on the shelves, it is the retail salesperson’s job to monitor the sales success (or lack thereof) of each individual product.

The Sales Manager role performs similar duties to the above, but again differs. Sales Executives are responsible for maximizing the sale of a company’s goods, specifically: FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods i.e. Food), Clothing, IT Software and Services. Sales leaders are encouraged to engage with customers and prospects for new business. They also need a good sense of budgets, market and customer trends and must have their own sales performance under control.

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