Is U.S. Immigration Reform Necessary?

The United States is the number one choice for international students and employees seeking higher education and better opportunities. Although the US is a great place to take your education and career to new heights, one of the biggest problems one faces is getting an immigrant visa. International students and new employees have a tough time as their visas are routinely denied for no apparent reason. This has become a source of concern for many who dream of continuing their studies at one of the most prestigious colleges in the US and also of finding employment.

The United States: A Center of Talent and Prestige
The USA is known to have some of the best colleges and universities that offer international students the best in terms of education, resources and facilities. This is the reason why most students strive to get admission so that they can have a new direction in life. There are ample opportunities for growth with a degree from a US university; this includes not only employment opportunities, but also income potential. In addition to excellent education, the United States offers international talent a wealth of employment opportunities, and the country offers fair employment standards and pay. Aside from the benefits offered to international students and staff, there is no denying the potential for more diversity of talent and skills in the workforce with the increase in potential caps. For example, H-1B visas prohibit a very small number of actual workers relative to the number of applicants. The question is, can the US afford to turn down candidates when employers need it and are willing to hire them to grow? With the current denial of so many visa applications for both international students and prospective workers, the growth potential and increasing prosperity of the US economy has reached a critical juncture. A change in immigration law is needed to allow international talent into the country, not only to take advantage of what the US has to offer, but to provide a stagnant economy with a rich and diverse talent pool.

A call for reform
Today’s younger generation has too much to offer; However, with hundreds of international visa denials, we are doing this generation a disservice. Immigration laws need to be changed to allow emerging talent to break through and find new opportunities.

There is an urgent need to increase the cap on international students and staff so that talented professionals can be retained in the US. Immigration law reform is essential to accommodate these changes.

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