Interesting career prospects for Revit practitioners

As the construction industry worldwide moves towards using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach for design, documentation, construction and facility maintenance, mastery of BIM tools and applications is becoming a sought-after skill in the modern AEC workforce. While there are several applications that enable BIM, Autodesk Revit is one of the powerful tools used by renowned architects, structural designers and MEP engineers worldwide.

Architecture, engineering, and construction management students and professionals who are familiar with Revit have greater scope to succeed in the modern AEC industry than those who specialize only in 2D CAD technologies. As key industry stakeholders in India and globally push for the transition to intelligent BIM technologies, interesting prospects related to BIM jobs are opening up. Autodesk-certified candidates with intermediate to advanced skills running Revit jobs are eligible for the following career opportunities:

1. Revit Modeler (Architecture)

Candidates with 2 to 5 years of hands-on experience working with Revit Architecture may join architectural firms or design outsourcing firms as Revit Modelers (Architecture). An important aspect of the profile will certainly be the conversion of 2D/3D AutoCAD drawings/models into Revit BIM files and reusable Revit families. To this end, the incumbents should be familiar with BIM concepts and be familiar with other related architectural tools (not necessarily BIM tools) including AutoCAD, Navisworks and GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD. Excellent visualization skills and experience of working with various projects from simple to complex in nature are invaluable.

2. Revit Modeler (MEP/HLK)

Professionals with intermediate experience in using Revit MEP to model MEP and HVAC systems may seize the opportunity to work as Revit Modeler (MEP/HVAC) for Building Systems Design Consultants or MEP design outsourcing companies. In order for the job holder to be successful in this role, he/she should have a working knowledge of HVAC and mechanical utility systems commonly used in commercial, residential and mixed-use facilities. In terms of software skills, with the exception of Revit MEP, the candidate should ideally have experience modeling in applications such as CADDuct and CADMEP+.

3. Project Manager (Revit)

Project Manager (Revit) would be an ideal profile for Revit practitioners with 5-10 years of experience implementing BIM standards using the Revit platform. The role requires coordination with the customer’s design team, defining BIM execution plans and distributing individual/connected BIM models to the production team using Revit’s worksharing capabilities. He/she would need to train the project team on the client’s BIM standards while maintaining tight control over the Revit BIM model by overseeing the day-to-day tasks. A crucial aspect of this profile would be the immediate resolution of any technical issues related to the master model. In addition to Revit, a thorough understanding of clash detection tools such as Navisworks is beneficial.

4. Revit Coordinator

The Revit Coordinator position is ideal for a candidate with 5+ years of hands-on experience working with common CAD and BIM applications. His/her main role is to control and oversee the exchange of design information between clients and project team members using face-to-face and virtual BIM coordination meetings. Familiarity with multidisciplinary design projects (residential, commercial and mixed use) is important, as is the ability to perform quality reviews of composite models and construction documentation. He/she is responsible for understanding the client’s BIM objectives and maintaining the integrity of the BIM model to meet the required design and regulatory standards.

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