In-service teacher training must be relevant to his/her needs

You can’t give what you don’t have. Yes, this applies to every aspect of our lives. As a teacher with 25 years of experience, I still believe that continuous learning is a must to accommodate our learners’ journey. Comparable to a school bus driver who is entrusted with the lives of school children on a daily basis. Parents are not afraid that one day their children will be endangered by drunk driving and so on. However, there are other things that contribute to traffic safety and such.

More of that trust should be placed in the teacher of their children. As the second parent of my students, my top priority is to see them safe and healthy in their assignments and everything. Giving them the support they need, academic and all, has to come naturally to a conscientious teacher like me.

For this reason, continuing education is a must. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, where face-to-face was a normal scenario and online was a bit advanced; today there is a reversal of that role. Online has become the new normal and face-to-face is seen as a choice based on the safety aspects of learners and teachers alike in a school environment. Everyone must be healthy enough to interact with each other, so vaccination is required, strict health protocol measures are in place.

Online training, workshops and the like via Google Meet, Zoom and other apps are the only viable way to acquire new skills, knowledge and all about trends in pedagogy and the like. Navigating different websites for content, ideas and feedback on a new teaching/learning strategy is a good thing for a new way of coping with this New Normal situation where classes are online or virtual or blended and so on.

Handling online instruction requires many skills to make learners knowledgeable and adept at applying skills in real life. Yes, deep learning is expected from the end of the lesson. In fact, the beginning of a lesson is the beginning of a fun and meaningful journey. Each child needs to derive valuable value from their time through interactions with co-online learners, particularly during a pocket discussion, a small group of learners discussing their experiences or reactions to the topic being covered in the plenary session. Yes, these types of small group breakouts are a good strategy to give each learner a chance to participate in a discussion, offer their opinion, or suggest something about a specific project or assignment.

Great teachers abound as they all have motivations to excel in accomplishing their assigned tasks. And attending continuing education seminars, workshops and the like are the best ways to gain competence and passion for your job.

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