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It was in 1992 that the term forensic nursing began to be used. It was a team of around 70 nurses who started it all. Forensic nursings first case began with a forensic team’s diagnosis, a sexual assault investigation. This investigation and teamwork led to the creation of an international association known as the IAFN, or International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Being a Forensic nurse is a very different field from general nursing; Forensics is the form of nursing that deals with gathering evidence and dealing with victims. There are many investigations that are carried out and these investigations depend on the forensic nurses and the nature of their work. Forensic health nursing also deals with conducting various death investigations and even deals with criminals and even victims of sexual assault. There are other jobs that sometimes fall under forensics nursing, this can be counseling a child who is off track and chances are that sometimes in nursing you may even be asked to train your colleagues in this , to deal with injuries and to treat them Injured patients.

Forensic nursing is basically a specialized clinical job that comes into play at the time of an accident or even police action. The number of career opportunities in forensic nursing is enormous and these are numerous career opportunities that are available. Forensic nursing is required in investigation areas. There is a chance for forensic nurses to get jobs with the FBI or even other detective agencies. Most often, the work takes place in the authorities that deal with the criminal police or even other investigative purposes.

The importance of forensics is steadily increasing and with the crime rate increasing daily, so is the use of forensic nursing. Forensics has become an important part of everyone’s life, similar to detective agencies or other security services, as forensics deals with finding out the exact reasons behind the crime and putting the motives and evidence to the right place.

Clinical nursing can be described as a new perspective in the field of science and inquiry concerned with the management of crime and victim-related activities. This speciality of nursing has unlocked many resources for nurses, making their jobs more challenging and even more interesting. The field of forensics has been a boon to the judiciary, and even it has proven to be, in many ways, and often the most important achievement in defining and making way for deferred investigations or crimes.

Opportunities for women in the field of care have increased, giving them the freedom to explore other sides of their profession and also providing the judiciary with a valuable tool that the judiciary can use to nail criminals.

Not only the criminal but also the professional aspects of forensic registered nursing is a well paying job and nurses can lead well settled lives afterwards.

When it comes to forensic nursing online, you’ll find a multitude of articles and blogs. We’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled a list of just the best ones. All of these sites will give you insight on how forensics nursing online can help your career and how it differs from other nursing roles.

First of all, let’s find out how to get a forensic nursing online degree .
Online Forensic Registered Nursing Schools

There are many excellent online forensic (RN) nursing schools that offer accredited degrees and training in the field of forensic nursing online. Some of the best schools include:
For a detailed list of online forensic nursing schools, see our full article: Online Forensic Nursing Schools .

Forensic Nursing Courses Online

There are many great courses online if you want to be a forensic nurse and they all differ slightly from one another.
Also one needs to assess his or her interest and learn the need of the hour to decide what he or she wants to specialise in.

Shown below are some of the best forensic nursing courses online:

Forensic Nurse CEUs

There are many different classes that you can take as part of your degree program or if you don’t want a full degree, there’s also an option for self-paced CEU’s which can be very helpful as well.

What then are forensic nurses all about?

The field of nursing (forensics) is quite broad and can be challenging sometimes. However, it offers a lot of opportunities and also provides you with a great deal of satisfaction in the career that you choose to pursue.

Forensic nurses are not only responsible for taking care of patients but they also help in investigation of crimes such as rape. They aide the law enforcement officers in processing crime scenes, identifying dead bodies and forensically collecting evidence from these sites. In some countries, forensic nurses even testify in court helping to bring criminals to justice.
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