I Want My Ex Back, But He’s Distancing Himself From Me

So you just went through a breakup and now you’re spending your time trying to figure out ways to get him back. Are you being kept awake at night trying to find answers to that question that is bugging you all the time: “What can I do to get my ex boyfriend back?” Look no further for answers and read on.

Surely, surviving a breakup is not only heartbreaking, it can turn your world upside down, especially if you’ve spent many years with your ex. So it’s understandable why you’re doing your best to get your ex back – your world revolved around him for many years and now you’re suddenly alone, with too much time on your hands and no object of affection.

However, you would soon find that the more you try to find ways to say, “I want my ex back,” the more your ex seems to be withdrawing from you. It can only mean one thing – he feels pressured by your methods and therefore your frequent calls, emails and text messages will not do anything to win your ex back. And you know that it’s just human nature to exercise your independence when threatened.

Here’s a better way. Let him know that you’ve made progress and that you’re fine. You can start by spending more time alone or with your friends and avoiding the places where you used to hang out frequently. Find ways to develop your own interests and improve yourself. Work on your talents and skills. learn something new Go on vacation with your friends. Take your mind off your ex and focus on yourself. It will take some discipline, but it will be worth it in the end.

If your ex feels like you’re not chasing him anymore, he’s probably wondering why there’s a sudden change in you. This will work to your advantage and he will start missing you. Let him feel your absence and he will start thinking what a good deal he had before and what is missing now that you are no longer with him.

The smart strategy you can use to “get my ex boyfriend back” is to give your ex some space to realize that he had a good thing in having you. If he finds his way back to you, stop smothering him and make yourself available to him all the time. When you find that balance in the relationship, which is wanting to be with him all the time while giving him the space he needs, you will avoid the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Try this smart move and you won’t be spending hours at night crying your eyes out and saying, “I want my ex back.” Let him start missing you until he makes his first move to try the relationship again. Play a little hard to get, sometimes men like the hunt, and they appreciate more the things they got hard. In the meantime, do some miracles for your own self-esteem by doing the things that make you happy and content with yourself.

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