How to: Teach your dog to heel

By | July 3, 2022

Introduction: Teaching your dog to heel is an important command for your dog to learn, especially if you enjoy walking your dog. In the past, dogs were taught this type of command through negative reinforcement, jerking their leash and getting them into position. However, there is a much more effective and gentle way to train your dog to heel.

Step 1:

Begin your heeling lessons at home when your dog is in a calm frame of mind; for example, right after a meal or after a high-energy game.

Step 2:

Put your dog on a leash; If your dog becomes agitated after you put the leash on, wait a few minutes for your dog to calm down. Pick up the leash and start walking.

Step 3:

If your dog isn’t moving, lure him in with praise and a treat. Once he starts moving with you, reward your dog with lots of praise. If your dog jumps and pulls on the leash in front of you, just wait for him to stop tugging and tugging; Don’t move, don’t yell at your dog, just wait patiently and ignore your dog. Once your dog has calmed down, call him back to you and then reward him with praise and a treat.

Step 4:

As you and your dog move together, keep saying the word “foot.” If your dog lags behind or leaps forward, stop, lure your dog back to your side, and start again. If your dog walks alongside you when you say “foot,” reward him with plenty of praise and an occasional treat.

Step 5:

Keep the lessons going in your home or yard, and then slowly increase the distance you walk your dog, often changing the direction you walk. Each time your dog follows a foot position, give plenty of praise and an occasional treat.

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