How to find a profitable niche online

Regardless of what type of online business you want to develop, it’s a good idea to focus on a specific niche.

But finding a profitable niche online can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The internet is a busy place and online business owners need to know they are entering a rewarding market before investing the time, money and resources into building a new internet-based business.

Here are 7 tips on how to find a profitable niche online.

1. Google suggests

When you type a word into Google, before you hit enter, you’ll see a list of possible phrases you might be searching for. This auto-complete feature relies on popular searches from other users. With an audience searching for this item, it is likely a profitable online niche.

2. Amazon

If you are looking for a profitable niche online business, Amazon has already done much of the work for you. If a niche market is popular with the world’s largest retailer, that will quickly tell you whether or not you have a viable marketplace.

3. Magazines and books

You can also use the offline world to look for a profitable niche online. Magazine and book publishers do a lot of research before spending money on marketing and printing. So if you see a book or magazine for sale, it’s most likely based on a top niche market.

4. scans online forums and scrapes keywords and phrases based on a word you type. It lists titles, links, and questions relevant to your keyword. When you see a lot of people talking about the same problem, product or service, it shows that there is a profitable niche online.


This website shows markets where people buy courses and education. You can use their information database to view a list of the most popular courses. This is a great way to find out what people are actually paying money for.

6. Ask Technorati

On this website you can search for your niche topic. If there are a good number of results, you are probably a profitable online niche.

7. The competition

When there are many companies in a very competitive market, you will find it challenging to succeed. However, if there is no competition, this shows that it is not a viable market. Type your niche name into Google. If there are ads related to search, that’s a good sign. That means companies are profitable enough to spend money on advertising in your market. Now you need to focus your efforts on a well-defined segment of this market.

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