How does Revit Training help students succeed in the AEC industry?

Those who are thinking about studying architecture must definitely have heard about Autodesk Revit, the application developed for BIM (Building Information Modeling). But the main question is: have you learned how to use it? Remember, you cannot become an architect by learning Revit. However, it will certainly better prepare you to become an architect. In universities, Revit is often taught as an elective, but today more and more internships and job offers are asking for it. Architecture students have resigned themselves to the fact that Revit will be a part of their careers. Today, learning this software is no longer an option, but a necessity.

While it is important to meet the theoretical and project requirements of their respective curricula, in this overly competitive market it is equally imperative to keep up to date with widely accepted modern professional practices. Due to its asynchronous nature compared to other methods such as classroom training or on-site training, online training conducted by Autodesk certified institutes is very popular among several educational institutions, universities and large multinational organizations.

Expertise with added valueN

Learning ways to use Revit through online Revit training courses and project-based tutorials through training centers will provide you with valuable hands-on experience creating 3D models, digital drawings, sections, and details. Here you will learn how to construct floors, windows, walls and doors in plan view and then in 3D view. After that move on to structural as well as HVAC systems. With these new design skills, you can apply your knowledge in your own projects or in an internship that will set you apart from other interns who may have a full-time job.

develop presentation skills

Knowing how to confidently communicate your project’s design intent is no less important than knowing how to create your design. You can present your work with confidence by improving your presentation skills along with professional looking renderings, views and visualizations.

Get a valuable insight into BIM

Many believe that Revit is BIM, but in reality it is not, Revit was designed for BIM. Both BIM and Revit are relevant if one intends to pursue a career in the AEC industry. Revit helps designers design, visualize, simulate, and collaborate to take full advantage of the interconnected data within a BIM model. While taking an online CAD training course, you can also learn Revit as you gain confidence in manipulating the data with a BIM model and discovering how changes you make to an object in a model are automatically reflected in the reflect the overall design.

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