How Do Teachers Assess Online Learners’ Output?

By | June 18, 2024

Online classes can be both fun and challenging for teachers who facilitate. Yes, he/she not only has the technical expertise but also the ability to assess the following materials submitted by their learners virtually or on-site for some special cases such as using a digital camera to document a play or procedural assignments:

1st Print – Compilation of drawings, photographs, newspaper clippings, etc. arranged by importance or whatever that could be great evidence of learning. Yes, some sort of movs or review mode (student version) where their mastered skills can be graded on rubrics.

2. Not Printed – Voice clips, recorded audio or video of assigned or selected tasks could be a great way to measure learner’s learning ability level. Not only do they have the opportunity to demonstrate their voice/video creation and recording skills, but they can also showcase their speaking, acting, writing (screenplay) skills, among others.

3. Digital – output such as video of a sketch made, methods of making something and the like can be uploaded to YouTube and other web servers and can be reviewed at any time by a teacher or someone in charge.

Yes, you have materials that can be uploaded as audio or video files, or saved to a memory disk or stick for simple assessment purposes. While creating these can be both fun and challenging for learners, teachers also have the same experience in making sure everyone has submitted and can get the correct grade based on the rubric set right before the semester or quarter.

Telling you the criteria and expectations in advance could be a stepping stone for learners to achieve outstanding results, which could give them positive feedback or encouragement to further develop their skills later, to master them and so on.

A conscientious teacher knows how to provide the support needed, even to the point of challenging challenging learners to discover more of their talents in relation to the skills to be developed, and could go beyond the classroom, either virtually or in front of Location.

Few people understand the essence of the right mentoring, both for teachers and learners in improved performance: the former in providing the right resources and for the latter the boost needed to continue to discover their strengths to become active learners , and gradually users of the right information.

This type of endeavor could be the start of a more fun and meaningful sharing of resources for both of them to gain the wisdom from the lessons being taught and assimilated by both parties. Teachers and learners can engage through virtual or online classes, be effective and efficient as long as they are willing and able to do their best to achieve their goals.

Yes, there is always a need for authentic learning measured by competent teachers who understand the impact of providing feedback to their eager learners developing skills for self-actualization.

Here you go. More wisdom will come your way as we work together to make ourselves competent enough to provide our learners with the skills needed to become free and skillful users of information for their own magnificent growth and development. Bottom up!

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