Houses of Astrology – 3rd House

By | June 26, 2022

Keywords are always a good thing when you’re learning something new or trying to understand or explain something you know intuitively. The 3rd house in astrology has the sentence: I think – therefore I am. It’s all about awareness, positive or negative thinking because this is the house of the conscious mind and you have a four minute window (more on this concept later in another article). 3rd planets or aspects bring all of the above (and more) into focus. The sign on top (or more specifically the element of the sign) gives you an idea of ​​how you are thinking. For example, a fire sign on the cusp of the 3rd would “think” differently than a water sign. Also, the sign on the top tells you how you “hear” information from the world around you, from your environment.

This house also shows your relationship with siblings (not the actual people) but your relationship with them. All of the planets here (especially Saturn) provide information on whether brothers and sisters are close or distant. Also short-distance journeys are indicated by this house (sometimes even the preference or means of transport) eg: fire signs prefer road journeys. Earth signs prefer the rail. Air signs obviously prefer (or fear) air travel and the water signs have a preference for water travel. Formal education (or lack thereof) is shown here, so issues of schooling (particularly elementary school) will surface. Look at the sign at the top and at all of the planets here to understand your early formative years.

How we think about ourselves and the world we live in is constantly changing through the people we meet, the newspapers we read, the TV shows we watch (everything is “ruled” by the 3rd house). . Remember that we are constantly creating an image of ourselves (good or bad) based on what we focus our mind on. Even the people you meet at the bus stop can change your thinking dramatically, or if you are on a “getaway” the stimuli from another environment can change your thinking, as can reading a good or uplifting book (a getaway make into the world). your mind). Even an idea shared on a blog site like Twitter can change your thinking, and who was it that said “change your thinking and you change your life”?

Take a look at your own map because even if there are no planets in the 3rd place, the sign on top will still give you an idea of ​​all this (and more) if you look on your map for the ruler of the top Looking for . Let me explain: if Virgo were the “ruler” of your 3rd house, you would look at your chart to see where Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is placed. This will help you understand how you think, what you think about, and your relationship to the environment you live in (remember the mind is an “environment”).

This is the house of consciousness and it is here that you seek or examine all closely related factors in your life, look for connections. Discover your skills, your talents, and your common sense (or lack thereof). The sign on the top or planets in this house will tell you how organized or disorganized you are. Or, if you look more closely, you’ll discover ways (from the sign at the top or the planets included here) to become more organized. This is using astrology for your empowerment as each new one of us needs some sort of organization, structure or routine in our daily lives to remind ourselves that these house rules govern the day to day, the eatery, the neighborhood, the people, the… Meet them on the street, in the shops and how you communicate with them. When you talk about this keyword, how they (or how you perceive them) communicate with you…

When a planet passes through this house and the Sun at the same time each year (roughly three months after your birthday), it’s time to gather facts, plan ahead, and communicate your ideas to your best advantage. It’s time to be flexible, negotiate and discuss your ideas for the way forward. The signs in the order from Aries to Pisces can help you understand if you are positive (assertive) or negative (passive) in your thinking. Aries is considered positive with Taurus negative, Gemini positive with Cancer negative, and so on around the signs. This is not to say that they are positive or negative in the usual sense, but their way of thinking.

Until we explore the next house – “Happy House Hunting”

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