Horse Racing Handicap Tip – How To Eliminate Horses From The Race

Horse Racing Handicap Tip – How To Eliminate Horses From The Race

Sometimes the best way to describe what we do when we hinder a race is to say that we weed out the legitimate competitors from the wrong ones or horses that have no chance of winning. In fact, every runner has some odds in a race, but the actual odds can be so small that it’s not worth thinking about, that is, unless the odds are right.

If you’re obstructing a horse race, try to rank the horses from most likely winner to least likely winner. Then if you really want to make a profit betting on horses, wait and watch the odds and decide which runner offers the best value. Not only do horse players need to be good horse connoisseurs, but they also need to be good at picking the best bets.

For most races, the top 4 horses in the odds, whether they’re odds on the morning line or the odds you see on the tote board five minutes after they’re posted, will include the winner of the race. If you want to save time, simply rank the top four or five horses in the morning line, set your own odds, and then place them according to the information on the pool board. Of course, comfort and speed always have their price. You can miss a good long shot bet among the other runners.

So I encourage you to go the extra distance and look closely at each horse in the race. If you don’t have time to hinder all the races, choose the most promising ones based on how well you do in the different types of races and lock them first. If you’re handicapped, here’s what to watch out for when kicking out the horses that don’t really stand a chance.

Par times are the actual times horses achieve on average in winning the distance and class. Par speeds are equal. A list of par times and speeds will help you identify horses that have previously run on par or higher. Any horse that has done this should be considered. Any horse that doesn’t have that is on the suspect list. In maiden races, or races for horses working their way up through non-winning conditions, it is possible for the horse to improve and achieve a new life par.

However, in races for older horses, those who have never done what is required today are unlikely to win and may be placed on the elimination list. In those who can improve because they are young and growing, there should be an uptick in speed and ability, otherwise eliminate the horse. This is just one of several ways to remove horses from your candidate list.

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