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Homework is a learning task assigned to students in schools to do at home after school. It may include a specific chapter to read, memorize, write, or type, a problem to solve, school projects, or any other skill that needs to be practiced at home. The goal of assigning homework to students is to improve their skills and repeat what was taught in school. Some people have criticized homework, saying it’s a fiddly job designed to waste students’ time without bringing them any tangible benefit.

In reality, the homework concept is designed to review what they learned in class, prepare them for the difficult lessons, expand their knowledge base by applying it to the new situations, and integrate the students’ skills by applying different skill sets to the individual task. Homework is also helpful in giving parents the opportunity to get involved in their children’s education by offering them homework help.

Too much homework also has the negative effect of being counterproductive. So today, a 10-minute rule is practiced, which means first graders get 10 minutes of homework a night, and fifth graders get 50 minutes of that, and ninth graders get 90 minutes of homework, and so on. However, many schools do not follow this pattern of giving homework to their students.

Computers have been instrumental in revolutionizing the homework help process. Nowadays, the homework assigned to the children of the developed countries is outsourced to experienced online tutors of the growing countries like India and other financially less developed countries, but the people out there can offer high quality homework help at relatively lower fees. There are so many resources on the internet where one can get information about assigning homework to online teachers. Some schools even post their homework on their own websites. One can also find some tutorial sites where the students can interact and get their study related problems in math or science solved by experienced online tutors.

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