Heavy Traffic – Mind Blowing Driving Test Mistakes

Slow, crawling traffic is probably the most frustrating sight on the road. The red brake lights and barely moving speedometer can drive anyone insane. When it happens to learner drivers during their driving test, some of them make some very stupid mistakes that cost them the entire test. These mistakes are often repeated, and some are even more repeated than others.

The safety distance becomes a real problem in heavy traffic. Accidents happen when drivers do not keep a safe distance. As traffic moves slowly, nothing too dangerous happens, but even small accidents can infuriate people. If a learner driver does not keep the safety distance during the test and collides with another car, the test ends immediately.

Lack of courtesy is a real problem in heavy traffic. People trying to slip into the crawling traffic sometimes have real trouble fitting in. The reason is ignorant motorists who do not let them in. It also happens when drivers want to turn into slow-moving traffic. Learner drivers who don’t let others in or have trouble merging are unlikely to get a grade, but that doesn’t indicate good driving skills to the examiner.

Intersection blockage is a much more serious problem of congested traffic. Some drivers desperately want to go through an intersection, but don’t see if they can make it safely to the other side. The result – they block the crossing. This practice is illegal. If a learner driver blocks an intersection during a road test, the test will likely be a big failure.

Changing lanes is very difficult in rush hour traffic. Lane changes are usually made when the road is clear. However, when the road is crowded, changing lanes can be quite difficult. Learner drivers who want to change lanes usually signal and turn their car around. However, some of them are not good at judging distances and collide with a neighboring car. If it happens during an exam, the examinee may forget the license.

Heavy traffic is not pleasant but needs practice. Without practice, no driver will be able to drive through crawling traffic, which can lead to the dangerous situations already mentioned. Every learner driver should find some time to practice during rush hour, even if it’s boring and frustrating.

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