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If you were in the dance scene in Mumbai, you probably would have known Terrence Lewis. But today all of India knows him. And that’s because of the new reality dance show Dance India Dance on Zee TV.

As one of the choreographers on the series, Lewis has become a household name. But the man has been around for many years. Lewis runs a very successful dance school in Juhu, Mumbai and has had success as a Bollywood choreographer and contemporary dance teacher in Mumbai.

About Terence Lewis

If you remember seeing Antara Mali dance in the Ram Gopal Varma directed film, Naach or Rachel Shelley and Aamir Khan the Viennese waltz in Lagaan then you should know that the two were choreographed by Lewis.

Aside from that, he has also been a personal trainer for a variety of Bollywood celebrities. His clients include Madhuri Dixit, Mallaika Arora Khan, Suzanne Khan Roshan, Gauri Khan, Antara Mali and many others.

But not many would know that the man is an exceptionally gifted dancer who trained in jazz and ballet and is now an acclaimed contemporary dancer.

He also trained at the Alvin Ailey & Broadway Dance School in New York and was the first Indian to win the prestigious Dance WEB scholarship representing India in Vienna, Austria.

scholarship program

In 2005 he founded his academy, the Terence Lewis Dance Foundation. The foundation has trained dancers and also runs scholarship programs for those who want to take it up as a career option.

It’s called the Terence Lewis Dance Foundation scholarship Trust (TLDFS) and offers a one-year diploma course that’s partially funded by the foundation. While the whole program costs 1,50,000 rupees, the tuition fee is 80,000 rupees.

This is an annual fee, but for student convenience, the foundation is open to taking the money in installments as well.

Of course

The year-long program includes training in various dance forms, both Western and Indian, with a particular focus on contemporary styles.

Students learn contemporary, jazz ballet, ballet, bharatnatyam, kathak, salsa, hip hop, martial arts and movement, dance theory and pedagogy.

What is dance theory and pedagogy? Well basically there will be a written exam at the end of the year where understanding of dance history and styles will be challenged.

Simply put, pedagogy is the science of teaching. This course would teach the students the techniques of teaching dance. Creative lessons for dealing with children and adults, to be precise.


While the submissions are sorted from across the country, the training will take place in Mumbai. However, for out-of-town students, the Foundation can facilitate room and board requirements.

selection process

As of June 15, 2009, the Foundation will be taking calls from participants. All you have to do is call the foundation and make an appointment to audition. You would have to take a two-minute dance piece with you.

There will be four rounds of auditions in total, based on which a group of 20 students will be selected.

There are no prerequisites for participation, since you do not have to be a trained dancer, for example. However, beginners are not encouraged as this course is designed for dancers with a certain level of maturity and competency. The selectors would, of course, be looking for your interest in dance and the distinct qualities you bring with you, such as stage presence and attraction.

The auditions would last two months before the final cut is made. Auditions are free and enthusiasts are expected to call and make an appointment. Each prospective student would be allotted a maximum of 15 minutes. Audition times are 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; four to five times a week.

career opportunities

While dance is often viewed as a hobby, the idea of ​​such a course is to train people to learn to dance as a full-time occupation. Nowadays dancers are needed not only in Bollywood but also in corporate shows. There is a great demand for professional dancers for company presentations.

The best dancers in this group will be given the option to join the Terence Lewis Dance Company.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your dancing shoes and let’s get started.

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