Golden Triangle Tours: The best way to discover culinary delights and India’s riches

Golden Triangle Tours is the name of India’s most fascinating tour. The Golden Triangle Tour packages unleash the country’s historic past, heritage, colorful cultures and savory cuisine, taking you on a fast-paced journey through Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The route to the circuit glitters with fortresses, spectacular palaces, historical monuments, UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Sites and Capitals of Culture. Embracing the cities of the Golden Triangle is a visual treat for history, art and architecture buffs, but it’s also an opportunity for food fanatics to sample a real taste of India.

Gourmets Feast to Delhi Cuisine: The capital of India, Delhi is also a center of political and cultural activities. A fabulous metropolis, Delhi is also a major center of education and technology; Its historical heritage is also very impressive, but the true charm of the city lies in its cuisine. Delhi is a potpourri of cultures, it has a mini India of its own and has welcomed people of different cities, states, races and creeds with open arms, so the diversity of its cuisine and tastes is to die for. From spicy chaat (a type of spicy snack) to delicious curries and smacking mughlai, there’s a wide range of food to choose from. Eating from joints, low budget restaurants, street vendors to elite restaurants and more authentic Delhi cuisine means the best of Indian cuisine. From Punjabi-style cooked South Indian dishes to Chinese brand Tadka and of course famous kebabs and tandoori dishes, Delhi et al. has everything to satiate your taste buds. In Delhi, known as the food capital of India, one can even enjoy the best of authentic continental and international cuisine.

Jaipur’s Royal Splendor: No Golden Triangle tour is complete without experiencing the regal charm that is well preserved in Jaipur’s stunning palaces and forts to this day. A sightseeing tour of the famous royal capital of Rajasthan witnesses a royal saga unfolding at the hilltop Amer Fort, the honeycombed Hawa Mahal and the fascinating royal observatory Jantar Mantar. The mesmerizing sight of the City Palace further adds to the charisma of Rajasthan, ideally known as the princely state of India. Explore the bazaars to find interesting handcrafted curios. Silver jewellery, colorful puppets, hand-printed fabrics and more Jaipur’s vibrant bazaars will indeed blow your mind with their elegance and simplicity. Additionally, a fascinating performing arts scene is a must for anyone touring the fabled walking tour.

Agra: What appears to be a painter’s imagination brought to life is actually a living example of Mughal artistic excellence. Agra is home to the ultimate symbol of love – Taj Mahal, which has made the city world famous. Agra is also known for other UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. On Golden Triangle Tours in India, the sights of these UNESCO empires are must-sees as they provide an insight into the country’s architectural heritage and also reveal the legendary history of powerful knights and their dynasties.

In short, Golden Triangle Tours offers a quick introduction to the vast subcontinent of India.

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