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Qualities a teacher should have are patience, concern for others, love for children, perseverance, listening skills, motivation and a sense of humor. There are pros and cons to teaching. Specific pros are weekends, summers and holidays. Disadvantages of teaching are lots of homework to grade, complex lesson plans to hand in, meeting with parents and dealing with sick children. Teachers must have a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Most school districts also require having a professional teacher certification. You can earn certification from most community colleges. Some school districts require a teacher to take classes to either renew or keep current their certification. Tuition hours requirements range from two to fifteen credit hours, depending on the school district. If you want to teach at a college, you must have at least a master’s degree. Teaching college has a few more perks than teaching grades K-12. For example, college professors can create their own timetable. Professors choose what time and day they want to teach a class.

College professors are privileged to use on-site facilities at a reduced or free rate. Other perks of being a college professor include discounts at the bookstore, free or discounted admission to sports games, and the joy of seeing students graduate. After you get the education needed to teach in the fields you want, you need to find a job to capitalize on your education.

Start your job search on the country’s website. If you can’t find any vacancies on the state’s website, try checking your local school district and county websites. Fill out the applications and be sure to follow the instructions. There are also many online recruitment job sites specializing in apprenticeships around the world.

Now, if you’re looking for a job in a college setting, look for jobs on the college’s website under the Staff or Faculty and Staff pages. If you are called for an interview, prepare well. In today’s economic crisis, competition for jobs is tougher than ever. Do some research on interviews for teaching positions. Also, research and remember facts about the college or elementary school you are being interviewed by. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

Ask interview questions based on the research you have done. This shows your potential employer that you are familiar with the facility. Just remember that being a teacher sometimes means working on grading papers over time, providing extra help, and volunteering at school events. But that sense of satisfaction comes from being a teacher. For example, the joy you feel when one of your students gets an A on a test or graduates. Being a teacher is a wonderful and fulfilling way to help others and find satisfaction.

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