Four strategies will help you find your dream job on the unpublished job market

Did you know that the traditional job market only covers about 30% of all job openings at any given time? Some experts claim that this traditional labor market covers no more than 10% of the jobs available. So where are the rest of the available jobs?

The unpublished job market, also known as the hidden job market, covers around 70% of all job offers available on the marketplace. But there is more; 80% of the six-figure salary positions are filled within this unpublished job market. Because of its importance, it should be part of your overall job search efforts.

Let’s look at four strategies you can use to take advantage of opportunities in this hidden job market:

1. Keep a list of interesting companies.

Why is it important to take the time to research companies? Because if you only apply for a job you find, you’re wasting your time and energy, even though you might feel like you’re getting somewhere by sending out tons of resumes.

The time you spend doing advance research on companies you are interested in will stand you in good stead in the long run as you will not be spending time and energy applying to companies that are not a good fit with your career plans. Instead, you apply for positions at companies in your area of ​​interest and where you would like to work.

2. The information session

The information session is one of the most effective tools when it comes to using the unpublished job market. In a type of job interview, you interview someone from the company or area of ​​interest to gather information about the work environment, employment opportunities, work ethic, and other useful information, and to get feedback and advice on how to improve your chances of getting the job you’re looking for , besides expanding your network of contacts in your target company or field.

3. Your network as a source of information and recommendations

When it comes to finding your next job, the importance of career networking should never be overlooked. In fact, career networking should become a part of your daily work and career-related endeavors. Your career network should always be where you need it, for day-to-day business relationships, job hunting and for climbing the career ladder. Since we never know when we’ll need it, it makes sense to have an active career network even if you don’t think you need it right away.

4. Direct contact with employers

Sometimes you may want to contact a potential employer directly, in addition to or instead of applying for an interesting position on their website. Or perhaps you did not find an interesting position among the vacancies and would like to contact the company to find out when the right time has come.

When asked what is the best method to get ahead in the unpublished job market, the best answer I can give is that the best method is a combination of all of them. You should do your homework to study and filter out your potential employers and you will see what combination of strategies will work for your purpose as a potential employer.

When you compare yourself to the traditional job board, you might think that the unpublished job board is not as easy or convenient as responding to published job ads, but when we look at the number of opportunities available, working in the unpublished job board is something you do should be factored into your job search strategy when it comes to finding the job or advancement opportunity you want.

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