Finding a home for sale – top tips for buyers

By | July 1, 2022

When you are looking for a home for sale in Christchurch New Zealand there are several factors to consider. We have some top tips for buying property in Canterbury, New Zealand.

1. Despite being a relatively small city in terms of population, Christchurch is full of open suburbs with plenty of space and diversity to meet the needs of a range of shoppers. You can choose anything from a beachfront property, to one in the Port Hills, to a central city neighborhood or a large home in the suburbs. Each Christchurch suburb has a different flair and it’s important to find a part of it that suits you and your personality as well as your living needs.

2. Consider your gardening needs. One thing Canterbury residents love is their gardens. Some newer areas have agreements so that gardens are maintained to a certain standard. It is important to find a place that matches the external care of your lifestyle. Cottage gardens can look gorgeous but require some dedication, while native grasses and shrubs look clean and crisp and are easy to care for. It all depends on your lifestyle.

3. The school requirements are also an important factor. Many of the popular schools have zoning requirements and moving to a specific area can ensure your child/children have better access to that school, but this often means paying a higher surcharge. For parents of children who will attend private school, this may not be such a big problem. School culture is seen as an important part of family life in Canterbury. Choosing a school in one of the outer suburbs often means your child can attend a smaller school with a nice family atmosphere.

4. Sports and outdoor activities are another factor. Most sports are within easy driving distance, but proximity to a golf course, a surfing beach or close to cycle paths can be an advantage for the particularly keen sports enthusiast.

If you are looking for a home that offers all the benefits of city living with an outdoor lifestyle at your doorstep, then buying a home in the Lyttleton Harbor and Bay areas can be a great option. Properties in these areas offer easy access to downtown if needed, or you can work closer to where you live.

As you begin your search for homes for sale in Christchurch New Zealand, consider these buying tips above as part of your home buying process.

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