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By | June 27, 2022

Looking for online resources on European history? A number of great European history resources are available online, but some are better than others. Read on to learn exactly what to expect from online review material and what to avoid.

First, what are you looking for? You need a comprehensive online review package that covers all periods and movements of European history while remaining aware of developments in the rest of the world. They need easy-to-read review material, a resource written by someone who understands what the students want. After all, you want to make sure that everyone who created an online euro resource did well in class personally – you don’t want to end up following the class idiot to a D-minus final grade.

Second, what types of euro online resources are not helpful? First, you don’t want to use just one outline. Learning that the Industrial Revolution in England was aided by the Enclosure Acts is unhelpful as you have no idea what the Enclosure Acts are! Used alone, outlines will not give you enough detail to grasp the true complexity of European history. However, a combination of outlines, detailed notes, and full essays gives you three different levels of complexity, so you can choose exactly how much detail you want to learn.

Finally, where can you find online resources on European history? Unfortunately, there are not many good study guides to European history, and only one contains all three components of a comprehensive review (outline, notes, and essays).

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