E-Culture – Bring Your Children Closer to Culture

By | May 12, 2022

In a fast-paced society that promotes information through technological channels, culture has become a powerful and creative tool that can be accessed through home computers. Rather than subjecting children to hours of television or computer games, you can use technology to deliver greater educational benefits. Bring knowledge to your children by introducing them to e-culture, which is practically free and can be monitored by parents and teachers. Incorporate the following steps to encourage more engagement in your children:

1. Visit virtual museum collections by introducing your kids to websites of key museums in the world. These are very information rich and work heavily on visual aids; Some have websites for children and e-learning.

2. Join forums of cultural foundations/organizations in your area so that children can gain knowledge about cultural activities in their immediate area. This can open doors for them to participate in activities and workshops, and keep them informed about local projects.

3. Encourage your children to subscribe to reputable agencies that specialize in cultural exchange. This may include pen pal sites (with parental permission) that connect children from different countries. This can be limited to language exchange skills, for example.

4. Free websites that publish world music are excellent media for introducing children to a different musical heritage. In conjunction with texts, this is an effective tool for language acquisition and ear training opportunities.

5. Try exploring the culture with your kids through various culinary websites that compile recipes from around the world. Pages of particular interest include information on the origins of cooking techniques, ingredients and ethnic backgrounds to promote international cuisine and teach children the value of trying different flavors.

The Internet is a powerful educational tool for families and quite economical. It can, under supervision, provide knowledge, entertainment and education for children who do not benefit from the opportunity to travel extensively. This can become a catalyst for a child’s future desires, dreams and aspirations to be a true citizen of this earth with a cultivated “global heart”.

Thanks to Lydia Evdoxiadi

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