Driver’s Education Lesson Plans

Online driver education courses incorporate text, video and animation to create an engaging and interactive online experience. The lessons include all the traditional driving safety information like the correct method to overtake another vehicle. They also offer some additional helpful information on how to deal with accidents, emergencies on the highway or how to safely deal with unsafe drivers on the road. The course lasts approximately 8 hours and consists of several chapters, with each chapter dealing with a different aspect of driving safety.

At the end of each chapter there is a quiz on this topic. The questions can be multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or other types of questions based on the material just covered. Responses are immediately scored online, so if the answer is wrong, the material can be reviewed and the exam retried. The final exam is to be taken upon completion of the course and must be passed in order to receive the certificate in the mail.

The basic driver education course covers driving responsibility, defensive driving strategies, traffic signs, signals and lane markings, driving in the city, driving on the expressway, safe driving behavior, driving in varied environments, driving challenges of nature such as weather and poor road conditions, turning and overtaking, driving under Drug and/or alcohol influence, road sharing, and vehicle safety and maintenance.

The entire course can be completed online without the hassles of classrooms, workbooks, pens, or notes. All the necessary materials are on the computer. Plus, this course allows for the flexibility to study at a leisurely pace and at your convenience. If the reader finds time, a bookmark provided on the site allows the study to begin where it last left off.

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