Does My Organization need E Learning

Today i’m going to try and help you answer the question do you need eLearning okay I’m going to focus on two points that will help you answer this question one of them is purpose and the other one is environment when I say purpose I mean figure out what exactly you want to accomplish with your e-learning and decide if it’s a body of knowledge that you want to disseminate or is it an update that you can integrate into the knowledge your learner’s already have and the distinction between the two as you have you’re spending quite a bit less time if you’re just integrating a small change and also how are you going to disseminate that information that is key so find out what kind of avenues of communication your employees or your learner’s are very comfortable with and use it to disseminate that message so it could be a quick email about an update it could be a wiki discussion a procedure page where learners are able to ask questions or a quick job aid that has even placed at the place where the change is happening so a new new protocol the other piece I want you to consider is environment this is this is a horse that’s been beaten and dead for a very long time I remember when I started with eLearning the questions that were asked were are we trying to solve a morale or a organizational problem by throwing more eLearning at our other people and this is still true today we’re still trying to do those things today so what I suggest is you ask yourself when I develop this e-learning what kind of supports are going to be there before and after to make it powerful for the learners are there is there big push from the leave in that company or in your organization that supports learning that rewards that kind of initiative and also what happens after your e-learning are are people just left you know to fend for themselves or are they provided with tools that reinforce this learning that they’ve been through so you have to see how it fits into the big picture because sometimes you have companies that have LMS is full of beautiful learning and nobody’s accessing it so building something new and fresh it’s really not going to make a difference you’re just gonna add it to the pile what you need is you need to have that kind of organizational support that happens there to make it to make it really integrate with their current culture that are learning culture and that that’s key as far as I’m concerned so I hope this helped answer those questions and make you think about some things you have to consider if you found a useful comment also if you think there’s some people who would benefit from listening to this share it with some kindred spirits and if you can tweet about it go for it also if you want to have these updates come to your mailbox as soon as we post a blog and then sign up for a newsletter at you learn are engaged and I hope to see you next time take care you

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