Distance Education MCA: Your Gateway to Success in the IT Industry

By | May 18, 2022

MCA is more and more taken up by students to get better job opportunities in call center, stock management, trading, e-learning and banking etc. Distance Learning MCA is a convenient way to pursue other important responsibilities during the day while studying.

Among many state universities offering MCA course to students across India, few universities like Karnataka State Open University and Punjab Technical University are highly recommended. Universities like this offer detailed and in-depth study to Master of Computer Applications students.

Any graduate can take the course. He can belong to any branch of education that does not matter. If he hasn’t graduated but has an equivalent degree, he can still enroll as a distance MCA student.

MCA Course: Options with State Universities

MCA remote admission facilities are available at university centers across the country. An MCA course lasts three years, i.e. six semesters. The first semester at Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) includes Math, Data Structure, Programming in C, Financial Accounting, C Programming Lab and L Windows-based Applications Lab, Data Structure Lab. Second semester students study Discrete Mathematics, DBMS, OOPS with C++ Computer Organization and Architecture, DBMS Lab, OOPS (C++) Lab.

The third semester includes data communications, advanced computer graphics, advanced operating system, UNIX and shell programming, Unix lab, and operating system lab.

Advanced Software, Engineering, Analysis and Design of Algorithm, Advanced Java Programming, Lab, System Programming, RDBMS Lab and Advanced Java Programming Lab are all covered in the fourth semester.

The fifth semester contains papers dealing with Advanced Computer Network and Security, Internet Programming and Web Designing, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Elective-1, Graphics Lab, Web Designing and Internet Lab.

In the sixth semester, the work deals with Advanced MIS, E-Commerce, Elective-3 and Project.

Removal MCA from KSOU is recognized by UGC. It offers a unique opportunity to its students who cannot afford regular studies due to lack of time and money.

Punjab Technical University MCA

MCA Correspondence from PTU is a course in Master of Computer Application. Today’s technological world opens up better career opportunities for MCA students. After receiving extensive training in all types of computer software and hardware, a student feels confident enough to enter the computer field with a positive feeling.

Many colleges affiliated with the PTU offer students a recommended education. MCA Correspondence is a fully professional course developed by a group of highly qualified academics.

The six-semester course provides training in Introduction to Information Technology, Programming in C, Accounting and Financial Management, Basics of Computer Mathematics, Systems Analysis and Design, Communication and Soft Skills, Software Lab-1 (IT), Software Lab-11©, Management Information System, Object-oriented programming with C++, data communication and networks, management principles, introduction to microprocessors, software Lab-111 (C++), hardware Lab-1 (microprocessor), computer system architecture, data structures, Visual Basic programming, system software, operating systems, software Lab-VI (RDBMS ), Software Lab-VII (OS)(LINUX/NT), Computer Graphics, Comprehensive Viva Voce, Robotic Engineering, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Internet Prig. & E-Commerce, Compiler Design, Visual Basic.NET, Advanced Microprocessor Systems and Linux Operating System.

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