Digital Learning With Interactive Whiteboards

By | May 12, 2022

The entire education system is undergoing a transformation due to the valuable contributions of ICT and AV resources, which include interactive whiteboards, audience response systems, visualizers, projectors, touch screens, formative and summative assessment tools and other numerous audiovisual solutions.

Underneath, the interactive whiteboard is developing into a highly motivating and learner-centred ICT and AV resource. It is an incredible resource that has revolutionized the entire teaching and learning system.

It is a wonderful resource that can turn boring and monotonous lectures into interactive and enjoyable lectures. Furthermore, it also helps in creating and delivering highly motivating and engaging lessons, presentations and training sessions.

Some of the outstanding features of the digital whiteboard that add an element of “digital learning” in the classrooms are as follows:

Easy to use
Like any other conventional board, the interactive whiteboard is easy to use. It is extremely user-friendly and has the ability to capture the attention and interest of even non-tech-savvy teachers.

Promotes e-learning and integrated teaching
This incredible board helps promote e-learning and integrated teaching. Teachers can easily collect, integrate and project presentation data using an interactive whiteboard. In addition, images can be collected from the Internet; Graphics can be retrieved from a spreadsheet; Data can be extracted from a Word document and all of these customized learning objects can be presented directly on it, all at the same time.

Whiteboard supports interoperability as it can very easily “gel” with all types of ICT and AV solutions, including visualizers, projectors, computers, audience reaction systems, graphics tablets, etc. to create a highly interactive virtual learning environment. With the help of a digital whiteboard, participants and learners can learn and absorb information more quickly and directly.

Promotes group learning
Interactive whiteboard encourages group learning; Students can approach the digital whiteboard and add their answers, navigate between windows or web pages, or make their serious contribution by writing directly on it. With a learner-centric approach, the entire classroom can see and solve problems clearly, just like on a PC.

Active student participation
Digital Whiteboard also includes interactive learning software that includes presentation tools and a built-in gallery of instructional images to help conduct online quizzes, opinion polls, display instant feedback, and encourage active student participation.

Aside from all these benefits, interactive whiteboard also offers several health benefits. It helps in reducing the excessive strain on participants’ eyes. Digital Board offers the added benefit of using electronic dry erase pens and markers instead of the traditional dusty chalk that historically caused asthma problems in asthmatic students.

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