Cheap Pimsleur – 7 Ways to Save Money on the Pimsleur Language Learning Method

Pimsleur, by Dr. Developed by Paul Pimsleur and now published by Simon and Schuster, the language method is one of the most sought-after language tools for the independent language learner. It is also known to be quite expensive. If you pay the retail price for 3 levels of Pimsleur Comprehensive it would cost over $1000. But with a few little tricks, you can significantly reduce that cost and still get one of the best language methods.

Shopping spree. Pimsleur prices can vary widely. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can probably find a cheaper price. There is no shortage of retailers selling Pimsleur language learning products online.

To buy second hand. There are many ways to buy used stuff. Don’t worry that somehow when you buy used you won’t get a product that is as good as new. As long as it works – that’s all you really need.

libraries. Public libraries often carry many language products. In addition to books, they sometimes have audio, video, and software products, including Pimsleur. In addition, libraries can sometimes order a requested product from another library or purchase it from the publisher. I’ve heard of a few cases where people have been able to access audio and software products from their home computer.

eBay. If you are familiar with eBay you can easily find Pimsleur products for sale, but the price can vary significantly. You can use eBay to buy new or used Pimsleur products but be sure you know what you are getting. I have bought Pimsleur products on eBay in the past without any problems.

resell. If you’re inclined, you can sell a product after you’ve used it to recoup at least some of your initial cost. You’re also helping someone else get a quality Pimsleur product at a better price, so get some bonus karma points for that!

borrow or swap. If you know someone who has the Pimsleur set you’re looking for, you might be able to borrow it or trade all or part of it for it. It can save you both money.

Share the cost. If you can team up with others learning the same language, you can share the cost of Pimsleur. There are other benefits of learning a language with another person, such as: B. to talk and practice with each other, to compare notes and vocabulary, etc.

There is no doubt that Pimsleur’s conversational approach and focus on pronunciation can be of great benefit to someone learning a language. But it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to do it. You’re better off with a private tutor. If you can use one or some of these ideas to cut costs for yourself, you can reap the benefits of language learning with Pimsleur without going to the poorhouse.

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