Career Opportunity In Dentistry After BDS

For a million-dollar smile and relief from pain, people happily visit a dentist. Dentistry, a profession that deals with the treatment and examination of teeth, gums and other diseases and tooth decay in the mouth. In simple terms, a dentist is needed to overcome the problems like replacement, removal and correction of decayed, damaged or lost teeth. Dentists’ job profiles are changing rapidly and are now expected to perform computed and magnetic resonance imaging, dental implants, tissue transplants, laser and trauma surgery. The expanded role has made dentistry a lucrative career and opened new avenues for all pursuing BDS.

Completing your BDS at a dental college opens up excellent employment opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, and public health departments. And if you are interested in teaching, you can attend any dental college around the world. MDS is a better option after BDS as it further advances your education and clinical knowledge, helping you both in your clinical practice and in the teaching profession. Specializing in a specific area during your MDS may offer better prospects in the field of dentistry.

Apart from MDS, there are several Diploma courses like Diploma in Dental Assistant, Certificate Course in Orthodontics and Dental Mechanics and many others that can give you an edge over the others and open up new avenues in dentistry for you. Highly qualified dentists are the first choice for both public and private sector companies. And if you are looking for an exciting job, you can opt for a job in the forensic department. A BDS graduate has a great opportunity to join a research institute and pursue a career as a researcher. And if you are interested in management services, an MBA after BDS can get you into hospital management.

The armed forces also offer jobs in dentistry after successfully completing the BDS at a dental college. Its mission is to provide dental care to Army personnel as well as their beneficiaries. Expertise in mouth and jaw combat allows you to save lives on the battlefield. The Army is hiring specialists from all branches of dentistry to provide better facilities for its personnel.

Dentistry offers dental school graduates numerous opportunities abroad. Dentists have real demand in countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada. The struggle of the early days can give you tremendous returns when you work in these developed economies. In addition, the Gulf States offer dentistry graduates good jobs and excellent remuneration.

Dentists can also work in KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) which involves the interpretation of their dental knowledge and offer services to their potential patients via internet or voice calls. Nowadays, individually adapted mobile dental trolleys are also very popular and can offer exciting career prospects. Alternatively, a BDS public health course may qualify you for jobs provided by the WHO. Therefore, there are ample opportunities to examine everything and choose the one that best suits you.

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