Best Online Food Ordering System – Restaurant Checklist

Best Online Food Ordering System – Restaurant Checklist

Choosing the best online ordering system is made easier when you have a checklist ready to use as a guide!

What may be best for you may not be best for someone else. And what is best for someone else may not be best for you.

From a computer programming perspective of yours, the best thing is one that’s completely tailored to your needs and nobody else’s… period. However, this can get very expensive, so it’s not really an option for most restaurateurs.

-Ask if they have experience installing this type of system in different hospitality establishments. If it is based on past experience, you are likely to benefit from their real-world experience and from their system design based on their past experience.

– Easy to navigate, not cluttered and quick to order without trying too hard to figure out how to order online.

-Professional look and no cheesy look.

-The option to integrate with your website if you already have one, or one that allows you to customize it to your own look and attractiveness.

-Easy for you to change, add or delete your online menu as you like, which doesn’t depend on someone else charging you every time they make a change for you.

-An online ordering system that can be optimized for search engines, otherwise it’s not worth it. This is a crucial component in getting free organic traffic from the search engines.

-24 hour support mandatory

– Whoever ever sells you the system, find out if he or she knows anything about search engine optimization or how to get traffic to your website, that’s worth $1000 and if he or she can advise you on this, you’re in Advantage when you buy from him or her who can help you quickly understand insider secrets that are very costly to get. This person is very valuable. He or she can help you make more money and save money by giving you free advice.

– Secure payment gateways with options to protect your customers’ credit card information when they order online from your website.

-Ask if your customers’ credit information is not stored anywhere, it will be deleted so as not to compromise your customers’ personal credit card information.

-Quick and easy order tracking system that allows you to track your orders.

-Is your system information backed up, if so how often?

-One that search engine optimization has been applied from the start, if not later is ok, but better sooner than later.

-A back office support system to help you maximize your online ordering system and track your entire sales history so you can analyze what is and isn’t being sold online.

-One where the system can grow with your growth and can handle the consumed bandwidth when you start getting a lot of traffic.

-Generating a real-time database that allows you to tap into consumer behavior and ordering patterns, which can give you some ideas on how to better market them.

-Friendly but comprehensive sales reports are crucial, it offers this.


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